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PT DI (indonesian Airways Industry) Will Raft Helicopter Anti-Submarine To Indonesian Navy

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PT Indonesian Aerospace will support the desire of the Indonesian Army Navy adds to the strength of anti-submarine helicopters. Aircraft manufacturer and the local helicopter also agree with the Indonesian Navy on the Eurocopter AS565 Panther helicopter.

PT DI Akan Rakit Helikopter Anti Kapal Selam Untuk TNI AL

Helicopter S70B2 Seahawk (Tiger 75) trying to land on HMAS Toowoomba foundation for taking the time to engage in the logistics mission in the Indian Ocean MH370 (6/4). Search teams from 7 countries took part in this mission. REUTERS / Australian Defence Force


Even PT DI participate recommend the names to the Ministry of Defence helicopter . ” The helicopter is most suitable for the Navy , ” said Director of Aviation Technology PT DI Andi Alisjahbana through short message to Tempo , Wednesday, April 30, 2014 .

The reason , it is very suitable Panther helicopters operated above deck warship . In fact , this helicopter has been used by the U.S. Coast Guard or the U.S. Coast Guard .

Another reason , PT DI has established cooperation with the manufacturer Eurocopter since 1974 . Currently , PT DI holds the production license Eurocopter helicopter assembly Superpuma , Fennec , and BO 105 .

In addition , PT DI just got a manufacturing license Dauphin helicopter which has recently been submitted to the National SAR Agency . ” Panther helicopter was just the name of the Dauphin military , ” he said . As a result , PT DI is able to make a Panther helicopter that is not much different from the Dauphin .

For the military version of the Panther , Andi continued , PT DI Indonesia ready to install a special tool to hunt enemy submarines called dipping sonar . The tool is a submarine search radar used in the water . This sonar sound captures the movement of the engine and propeller submarine in the water .

” Called dipping because the tool is installed in the helicopter while hovering ( drift ) , the tool was lowered into the water to be able to detect the sound of a submarine , ” he said .

Unfortunately , Andy did not want to talk about the nominal price of the anti – submarine helicopters Panther . But Tempo source in the Ministry of Defence said the Panther helicopter unit was U.S. $ 21.27 million . ” Plan for the purchase of between 11-16 units , ” said a source who declined to be named












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Excellence New Navy Helicopter, Anti-Submarine

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Indonesian Navy bring anti-submarine helicopter AS565 Panther types. This helicopter is more powerful than other choppers belonging to the TNI (Indonesian Army).

Keunggulan Helikopter Baru TNI AL, Anti-Kapal Selam

The advantages of this aircraft is cruising the high strength and presence detection of a range of enemy submarines wider . This helicopter also has good stability for landing on a warship .

For indonesian military aviators , artificial Eurocopter helicopters are difficult to overcome. Pilots should be able to land the ship when the ship’s condition is unstable due to the swing or the ocean waves speeding . ” So , the pilot must align the movement of the ship , so the helicopter to the ship of war must have a wheel landing systems such as Panther , because there is a suspension holding the beat while landing , ” said Chief Information Center Indonesian Navy First Admiral Fortunately Suropati  , Monday, 28 April 2014 .

Indonesian Navy plans to bring a new helicopter squadron or artificial Eurokopter 16 . Currently the Indonesian Navy is in dire need of anti – submarine helicopters that . Therefore , the indonesian Navy has not had a helicopter anti – submarine qualified .

Fortunately helicopter Newcomer hope this can initiate the development of air power belongs Indonesian Navy . Therefore , in 1950-1970 , the Indonesian Navy has the largest air force in Southeast Asia . ( Read : Specifications helicopter from the U.S. Army )

At that time , the Indonesian Navy already has an anti – submarine aircraft Fairey U.S. . 4 Gannet made ​​in the UK . The aircraft is classified as great as the killer submarine . More sinister again , the Navy could have jet bombers IL – 28T artificial Beagle Soviet Union. ” There are still some other aircraft and helicopters , ” he said .











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Struggle “Indonesian Airways” in Burma

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Indonesian Airways was founded in 1949 by Air Force officers (Indonesian Air Force) who was in India at that time, aided by the Indonesian Embassy in India as well as the Indonesian representative in Rangoon, Burma.

Indonesian aviation history is the history of Burma Airways struggles Air Force officers who capitalize a DC3 Dakota aircraft donations of the people of Aceh are RI001 Seulawah.

Dakota RI-001 Seulawah (Foto cyberamd)
Thanks to the hard work and persistent effort at that time, the fleet IndonesianAirways developed into three planes with two bought the DC3 is RI007 and RI009.

RI001 aircraft delivery Seulawah to India is in preparing aircraft to evacuate Indonesian government officials (the president and vice president) to India, if required.

The plane was manned by JHMaupin, J. Tate, Air Officer III Soetardjo Sigit, Wollinsky and Air Ensign Soemarno Caesselberry as well as technical experts.

RI001 Dakota Monument at Seulawah

Air Officer III Sutardjo Sigit was then the commander of Air Base Bukittinggi , Gadut , concurrently Payakumbuh Air Base Commander and Waterbase Lake Batur , Rafters suddenly ordered to participate in the RI – 001 Dakota aircraft acting as co – pilot . The plane departed from Maguwo to India through Jambi , Payakumbuh , Lhoknga , Rangoon new to India .

Dated December 1, 1948 Maguwo to Jambi route continued to Gadut , because the runway at Gadut damaged plane was diverted and landed in Payakumbuh .

Flights resumed on December 4, with the goal of Lhoknga ( Aceh ) , then dated December 6 from Lhoknga heading to Rangoon , Burma and ends December 7, with the Rangoon to Calcutta ( India ) .

Arriving in Calcutta plane experienced engine overhaul and painting camouflage and marketing partner long range tanks ( tank remotely) which takes about three weeks .

After all overhaul work on the RI- 001 Seulawah completed , the aircraft is ready for flight and duty start date of January 26, 1949 diterbangkanke plane Rangoon , Burma . Arriving in Rangoon and the help of Marjunani , Chief Representative

RI in Burma , the aircraft is ready for operation and the date of February 1, 1949 has been serving charter flights or lease of the Burmese government . Basically Indonesian Airways flight operations in Burma are grouped into two types:

1. The Government charter flight. In general, the form of the flights for the purposes of the armed forces and the government of Burma. For the military needs of RI001 chartered to transport logistics needs, pengedropan goods / logistics of the air and to evacuate the wounded in battle.

Sometimes chartered to fly a VIP flights such as when one of the ministers of the Shan State to review the region. The plane could not land because of the rebel army gets shot so decided to return to Rangoon.

2 . Charter commercial flight . Since that time the Burmese government only controlled coastal towns in the South , some cities in the central region as well as several cities in the north near the border with India and China , then the only reliable means of transportation is an airplane , because the road or street rivers controlled by the rebels .

Not surprisingly , all the necessities of life of the residents of coastal towns and city residents in the central regions and the inland almost a hundred percent dependent on air transport so that the RI – 001 aircraft always carry two types of goods .

Of the cities on the coast to the outback in the form of subsistence goods such as cloth and clothing , household appliances and medicines . Meanwhile, from the hinterlands to the cities on the coast , the aircraft carrying goods such as agricultural products and livestock .

The most troublesome is when I have to transport the dried chilies because the dust from dried chili sacks lead the crew coughing and sneezing and watery eyes due to pain.

Aircraft RI – 007 and RI – 009

With the success in the implementation of various flight operations in Burma , the more advanced Indonesian Airways coupled with increased demand for aircraft charter , it was decided to purchase additional DC – 3 aircraft chartered from Hong Kong, which was then given a registration RI – 007 .

With two of the aircraft flight crew increased working hours , which previously flew every other day be a flight every day .

To overcome fatigue crew then performed additional number of crew , captain pilot consisting of two people that Wiss and Chet Brown , two first officers ( Bob Budiarto and Syamsudin Noor , both taken from a group of cadets who were sent to India ) and two radio operators ( Soemadyo and Soesatyo , both sent from the Indonesian Air Force ) .

With two aircraft turned out to Indonesian Airways was overwhelmed to receive charter flights , in doing so to overcome the addition of one more aircraft are given registration RI – 009 .

For operation , the addition of another crew . They are two of the captain pilot ( Kuhlmeier and Bussart ) , two officers ( Dick Suharsono Hadinoto and Lippy Soesatijo , taken Indian students ) and two radio operators ( Haryanto and Soewastomo , both of the Air Force ) . Since the members who joined the Air Force in Indonesian Airways has reached 12 people , it was decided to hire himself as a boarding house .

Airmen Education in Burma

With the arrival of additional 4 captain pilot again ( Pottschmidt , Hicks , Cutburt and Seiler ) , the Indonesian Airways can carry out the education plan six officers first became captain pilots with type ratings C – 47 , DC – 3 , and obtain a license from the Civil Aviation pilots , Burma . For the purposes of education are implemented :

Aviation training flight training in the form of conversion of multi engined aircraft type rating ataspesawat to get C – 47 and DC – 3 .
Ground school which includes knowledge of meteorology , navigation , rules of the water . Engineering aircraft held by a designated instructor of the Director of Civil Aviation , Burma .

After a heavy battle 6 people who participated passed the education and acquire pilots license , Burma with a rating of C – 47 and DC – 3 .

His contributions to the Independence Struggle :

Twice smuggle weapons , ammunition and telecommunications devices to Aceh .
Finance education training for 20 cadets fly in the Indian Air Force .
Finance Indonesian representatives abroad : in the Middle East , India , Thailand and Singapore .
Air Force members who were sent to finance for education in FEATI Institute of Technology , Manila , Philippines .

After a heavy battle 6 people who participated passed the education and acquire pilots license , Burma with a rating of C – 47 and DC – 3 . In June 1950 , Indonesian Airways was liquidated in Burma and ordered to return to the parent that the Air Force .

As a consequence of RI – 001 aircraft delivered to the Air Force , RI – 007 aircraft was donated to the government of Burma , and RI – 009 aircraft leased returned to the owner in Hong Kong . Most of the foreign pilots captain invited to Indonesia to help prepare the Military Air Transport Agency ( DAUM ) operating at air base Andir , Bandung . *




















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Indonesian economy ranked in the World Top 10

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JAKARTA – ( IDB ) : President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said it had received a report from the Minister of Finance Chatib Basri happenings World Bank has set the economic ranking of countries in the world this year .

” Thank God the economy of Indonesia, the World Bank , designated as number 10 in the world economy , ” Yudhoyono said , while inaugurating the Eagles Television , at the Jakarta Convention Center , Saturday, May 3, 2014 .

According to Yudhoyono , the Indonesian economy ratings this year are under 9 countries , namely the United States , China , India , Japan , Germany , Russia , Brazil , France , and England . ” Of course this is a good start , ” said the former Coordinating Minister for Political , Legal and Security this .

However , he added , Indonesian way to become a developed country is still long . ” There is still a lot that we have to fix , there are still many problems which must be overcome , here and there is still no shortage of us , ” said SBY .

According to him , these problems can be overcome if all elements of the nation to have an optimistic attitude . “If among us say , ‘ Ah , where can Indonesia ? ‘ Change your attitude and thinking that , God willing, Indonesia may , “Yudhoyono said .

List of 20 Countries With Largest Economy DuniaPresiden Yudhoyono said Indonesia was ranked 10th in the world economy of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP ) or Gross Domestic Product ( GDP ) by the World Bank or the World Bank . Indonesian GDP percentage rank in the world economy is rising rapidly compared to a few years ago , Indonesia’s ranking rose from 16 to 10 large .

Minister of Finance (Finance ) Chatib Basri said , these achievements demonstrate the government’s economic policies have been very precise .

” It means that Indonesia’s economy has been running on the track and we made ​​significant progress since last few years we are at number 16 , ” said Chatib contacted detikFinance Sunday ( 04/05/2014 ) .

Based on World Bank data from the 2011 International Comparison Program ( ICP ) , following the data share ( percentage) of the largest economies in the world .

United States ( U.S. ) 17.1 %
China 14.9 %
India 6.4 %
Japan 4.8 %
Germany 3.7 %
Russian Federation 3.5 %
Brazil 3.1 %
France 2.6 %
United Kingdom 2.4 %
Indonesia 2.3 %
Italy 2.3 %
Mexico 2.1 %
Spain 1.6 %
Korea , Rep. . 1.6 %
Canada 1.6 %
Saudi Arabia 1.5 %
Turkey 1.5 %
Iran , Islamic Rep . 1.4 %
Australia 1.1 %
Taiwan , China 1 %

Compare the position 2 years ago in 2012:

United States
Russian Federation
United Kingdom
Korea , Rep.
Iran , Islamic Rep
Saudi Arabia





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Indonesian Rocket Could Launch Own Satellites 2040

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Jakarta ( MI ) : Indonesia will have a rocket launcher and its airport space satellites as far as 700 kilometers in the next 25 years . Not to forget the satellite remote sensing and communications satellites .
Currently the National Aeronautics and Space Agency ( Lapan ) is preparing a master plan for 25 years ( 2015-2040 ) that contains the plan of development of such programs . The master plan also to support the Law Number 21 Year 2013 concerning Keantariksaan .

For satellite launching rocket , Lapan is now the focus of designing and developing a rocket payload or Sonda . But these rocket development obstacles .

“The ideals exist , so the rocket to launch the satellite into the rocket development ideals in Lapan , ” Lapan said Chief Thomas Jamaladin to Liputan6.com when they travel to his office in Jakarta recently .

But not easy to be able to realize the dream of building a rocket launcher . Because, said Jamaladin , there is no institution in any country that is willing to share the development of rocket science for granted. ” The technology was not able to learn on your own . ”
” There is no school that provides development of rocket science , because it is very sensitive . Rocket could be used for military purposes , so that countries are unlikely to provide just that rocket technology . So we have to develop their own or perhaps partner with our partners , ” said Jamaladin .

Not to mention , said Jamaladin , policy Missile Technology Control Regime ( MTCR ), which also must be considered . The MTCR is a kind of international agreements related to technology limitations missile , rocket loaded with weapons . Lapan is currently studying the MTCR policy .

” We learn how Brazil for example , when making the airport as well as the experimental space rocket launch . At this early stage is adamant not want to participate in the MTCR . , But in its development , it can not survive like that . Then participate in the treaty , but the rules strict rules , “said Jamaladin .
” We have not thought about the problems associated with the MTCR like that , whether we get in or not ? There are many factors to consider in there ” said the astronomer .

gliding 2040

While the Head of Rocket Technology ( Kapustekroket ) Andiarti Rika said , the master plan is still under discussion . However , he was optimistic Indonesia would catch rocketry technologies in 2040 .
To launch the satellite itself is already projected in 2021 , but its release under 700 kilometers around the orbit of 300-400 kilometers . While the same target orbit at a radius of 700 kilometers in 2040 .
“We are now preparing a master plan for the next 25 years keantariksaan . Wanted in 2040 we ‘ve been able to launch a remote sensing satellite weighing 1 ton into orbit 700 kilometers , ” the veiled women hope .

According to Rika , the current Lapan has developed a large rocket RX – 550 and RX – 420 with a range of over 200 kilometers . To enhance this rocket , Lapan took some other countries , one of which Ukraine .















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indonesian DRONE PUNA WULUNG trully made in indonesian – Puna Wulung, been able to Fly 6 Hours and reach 120 km

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Puna Wulung, been able to Fly 6 Hours and reach 120 km
PUNA Wulung
Puna drones achievement testing program in cooperation Balitbang Wulung Kemhan and BPPT has been performed by a team of Puna PTIPKTIRBR on May 22 to 2 May 2014 in the airport Nusa Wiru, Cijulang, Pangandaran, West Java.

Flight testing is intended to determine the performance improvement drones Puna Wulung PA 08, PA 09 and PA 10, the prototype design improvements result BPPT Puna latest work. The third prototype Wulung Puna prepared for the mission program monitoring (surveillance and recognition) TNI in border patrol operations.

Puna Wulung able to fly with a duration of 6 hours with a range of around 120 miles from the launch point. This technical specification criteria are agreed as performance figures Puna Wulung to enter production line.

Pengujian PUNA Wulung
To improve the ability to fly drones Puna Wulung duration of 4 hours to 6 hours , the prototype Wulung PA 08 , PA 09 and PA 10 carried an increased fuel tank capacity of 35 liters prior to 55 liters . The consequence of adding extra fuel weight makes aircraft construction Wulung Puna should be lighter than the previous version , so that the maximum takeoff weight was unchanged at 120kg . In addition, the strength of the structure is also improved from 3.5 G to 7.6 G in anticipation of use in weather modification missions requiring extra structural strength for flight operations in extreme conditions .
Challenges make aircraft lighter construction with stronger structural strength makes teams have to work hard in order to engineer the manufacturing process achieved a weight reduction which will be replaced by the addition of fuel .
At this time the flight test vehicle PTIPK started using Ground Control Station ( GCS ) which belongs to the latest BPPT system equipped with telescopic antenna . This allows the control system as well as data – link Puna from Puna to the GCS can be real -time , practical and expected movement and from a home base well . From the results of the flight test activities achievement Puna Wulung fly drones monitored and the results of data delivery documentation flew Puna recorded at GCS .
As a result of the flight test date of May 1, 2014 , Puna Wulung PA 09 was recorded had reached as far as 150 miles to fly in flying height is 1.82 m to the south bearing 125 deg by using a combination of online communication system offset and iridium satellite system .

Fore still needs to be done several times to increase the reliability of the test flight (reliability ) of Puna Wulung drone which includes remote test range , maximum altitude flying, as well as the ability to complete the flight test Puna PA 08 , PA 09 and PA 10






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18 Cannon KH-179 Strengthen the indonesian Army

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Power artillery at indonesiat army grew gahar. In addition will be equipped with 155mm caliber cannon Swagerak French Caesar, a similar caliber cannon with the country of origin of ginseng have arrived in the country. Here he cannon Kh179 155mm caliber. And this is coming a successful photo camera recorded the ARC.
18 Meriam KH-179 Perkuat TNI AD
A total of 18 Kh – 179 cannon imported from South Korea worth U.S. $ 944 thousand . Later these guns will be placed at the border to complement the existing arsenal . Also participated hired truck towing the guns are also made in South Korea .

Kh – 179 itself was developed by Kia Machine Tool Company ( now called Hyundai – WIA ) based on tensile M114A1 howitzer system , which is widely used in the Vietnam War . South Korea has about 1,700 M114A1 system . Operation of the gun itself is not much changed from the M114A1 version , where it took two crews to change the direction of the cannon , the soldiers left the crew gunner in rotating the wheel to change the direction of the horizontal ( traverse ) , while the soldier on the right as an assistant gunner turning the wheel to change the vertical elevation of the muzzle of the cannon . One soldier acting as a director and took aim through a telescope with a 4x magnification and dial sight , or if necessary , operate Kh – 179 for direct fire support ( direct fire ) using special telescopes that have a 3.5x magnification . Kh – 179 system applying two different tubes for retaining shock ( hydraulic dampers / hydropneumatic shock absorber ) and the other for the return of the next tube ( recuperator ) , which is considered to be able to extend the lifespan of the cannon . At the time of the shooting , there are pegs that can be lowered to be planted and adds shooting stability .

In terms of ammunition, Kh179 munitions enjoy compatibility with NATO and the U.S., the superiority of South Korean products. This means that the Kh179 is capable of firing the entire cluster munitions, including 155mm rockets special berpendorong (RAP: Rocket Assisted projectiles). Means range is 22km, or 30km when using RAP ammunition. Speed ​​of fire when used continuously up to 4 rounds per minute.
Welcome to KH179 …!

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