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Russia’s Anti-Air Missile System S-500 for Indonesia

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Five battery – ground defense missile system S – 500 air modernization program will equip the Russian army in 2020 . It is delivered Aerospace Defense Troops commander of Russia , Alexander Golovko , 28 November 2013 .
S – 500 is a new generation air defense missile system designed to intercept Russian intercontinental ballistic missile ( ICBM ) , the Defense Airborne Early Warning and Control ( AEW & C ) aircraft and Jamming .
The first S – 500 batteries will begin to operate Aerospace Defense Troops Russian Army in 2017 . New air defense system remotely , is expected to become the backbone of a unified aerospace defense system being built Russia .
Range S – 500 can be increased up to 600 km and is capable of locking the 10 targets at once . By using a new missile system S – 500 is capable of destroying all types of air threats at a maximum speed of 7 km / sec altitude of 200 km .
Russian military requires S – 500 should be able to intercept intercontinental missiles ( ICBMs ) and hypersonic cruise missiles . Some elements of the S – 500 has begun to enter the production phase and designer S – 500 Almaz – Antey has conducted the first test .
Air defense system S – 500 will be operated in parallel with th
Sistem Pertahanan Rudal  SH-08 Gazelle Anti-ballistic missile
Missile Defense System SH08 Gazelle Antiballistic missile
 SH-08 Gazelle Anti-ballistic missile, berbasis Silo

SH08 Gazelle Antiballistic missile, based Silo
SH08 Gazelle Antiballistic missile, based Silo
Russia is designing a broader defense system, for domestic, as well as in a number of countries of the former Soviet Union who tied the Collective Security Treaty.
System of nuclear and non-nuclear defense is being built and started from Moscow. Russia also now begin installing the S300 in the Belarusian state. U.S. officials say Russia’s new defense, effective against cruise missiles, bombers, fighter aircraft, medium-range ballistic missiles and short, as well as intercontinental ballistic missiles.









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