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KCR-40 Starting Fitted AK-630 and C-705 missiles – Quick Ship with Missile made in indonesia

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 KRI Kujang 642 and KRI 641 has been fitted with sickle cannon AK630
DS(IDB): Two Quick Ship Missile Type KCR40 appeared in photographs in a military forum Kaskus. This time the two KCR40, respectively 641 and KRI KRI Kujang sickles 642 is equipped with rotary cannon / gatling cannon AK630 as the main shift vector Denel 20 mm cannon mounted on the bow while.

AK630 is a close-in weapon system weapon system (CIWS) Russian-made fully automatic. This system consists of six barrel 30mm rotary cannon that is mounted in an enclosed automatic turret, the gun was directed by radar and tracking systems as well as equipped with a television for a particular variant detection. Code number 630″ means 6 barrels caliber 30 mm.

AK630 is used for defense against antiship missiles and other guided precision weapons, but can also be used on fixed-wing aircraft or rotary wing, big boats and other small craft, coastal targets, and floating mines.

Vessel with a fixed propeller propulsion system 5 This leaves the full armament consisted of 1 unit of cannon AK630 6 barrel caliber 30 mm in the bow, 2 units of Denel Vector cannon caliber 20 mm in the bridge and 2 units of SSM missile C705 at the stern.

It appears also that the two C705 missile launchers on the stern has been installed, by shifting the vector Denel 20 mm cannon in the direction of the bridge, the entire installation was completed KCR40 weapon system. The weapon system will be integrated with the Combat Management System SEWACO.

Quick Ship KCR40 missile has a length of 44 meters, 8 meters wide, 3.4 meters high and weighs 238 tons. With a fixed propeller propulsion system 5 leaves, then KCR 40 capable of sailing at speeds of 30 knots.

KCR 40 made ​​of special steel High Tensile Steel hull (hull) and Aluminum Alloy for uppers. Steel High Tensile Steel is a product of PT. Krakatau Steel. The two alloy material makes this boat has high stability and speed when sailing.

Until now it has made ​​4 KCR40 for Satkat (Quick Ship Navy unit), respectively sickle641 KRI, KRI Kujang642, KRI dirk642, and KRI Alamang644.
In compliance with the Minimum Essential Force, the Navy plans to have 38 Quick Ship which consists of 26 missiles and 12 Quick Ship Quick Ship Torpedo.
Before the development of KCR and KCR4060, the Navy has had 14 Quick Ship Missile (4 FPB57 Snapper class, 6 FPB57 Pandrong Tacoma Saber class and class 4) and 2 Fast Torpedo Boats (FPB57 Lion class) .
With the development of KCR and KCR4060 the Navy requires 22 fast ship missiles / torpedoes more satisfied of both types. Thus, the overall fast ship missile / torpedo Navy platforms will consist of 4 ships: KCR40, TacomaSaber class, FPB57 and KCR60.



















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Mei 13, 2014 pada 8:35 am

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