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Indonesian Rocket Could Launch Own Satellites 2040

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Jakarta ( MI ) : Indonesia will have a rocket launcher and its airport space satellites as far as 700 kilometers in the next 25 years . Not to forget the satellite remote sensing and communications satellites .
Currently the National Aeronautics and Space Agency ( Lapan ) is preparing a master plan for 25 years ( 2015-2040 ) that contains the plan of development of such programs . The master plan also to support the Law Number 21 Year 2013 concerning Keantariksaan .

For satellite launching rocket , Lapan is now the focus of designing and developing a rocket payload or Sonda . But these rocket development obstacles .

“The ideals exist , so the rocket to launch the satellite into the rocket development ideals in Lapan , ” Lapan said Chief Thomas Jamaladin to Liputan6.com when they travel to his office in Jakarta recently .

But not easy to be able to realize the dream of building a rocket launcher . Because, said Jamaladin , there is no institution in any country that is willing to share the development of rocket science for granted. ” The technology was not able to learn on your own . ”
” There is no school that provides development of rocket science , because it is very sensitive . Rocket could be used for military purposes , so that countries are unlikely to provide just that rocket technology . So we have to develop their own or perhaps partner with our partners , ” said Jamaladin .

Not to mention , said Jamaladin , policy Missile Technology Control Regime ( MTCR ), which also must be considered . The MTCR is a kind of international agreements related to technology limitations missile , rocket loaded with weapons . Lapan is currently studying the MTCR policy .

” We learn how Brazil for example , when making the airport as well as the experimental space rocket launch . At this early stage is adamant not want to participate in the MTCR . , But in its development , it can not survive like that . Then participate in the treaty , but the rules strict rules , “said Jamaladin .
” We have not thought about the problems associated with the MTCR like that , whether we get in or not ? There are many factors to consider in there ” said the astronomer .

gliding 2040

While the Head of Rocket Technology ( Kapustekroket ) Andiarti Rika said , the master plan is still under discussion . However , he was optimistic Indonesia would catch rocketry technologies in 2040 .
To launch the satellite itself is already projected in 2021 , but its release under 700 kilometers around the orbit of 300-400 kilometers . While the same target orbit at a radius of 700 kilometers in 2040 .
“We are now preparing a master plan for the next 25 years keantariksaan . Wanted in 2040 we ‘ve been able to launch a remote sensing satellite weighing 1 ton into orbit 700 kilometers , ” the veiled women hope .

According to Rika , the current Lapan has developed a large rocket RX – 550 and RX – 420 with a range of over 200 kilometers . To enhance this rocket , Lapan took some other countries , one of which Ukraine .















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Mei 13, 2014 pada 9:05 am

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