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Indonesian Defense Industry Products glance Foreign Countries Including the U.S.

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The rapid growth of the domestic defense industry in recent years deserves thumbs up . Because one of the products of Indonesia’s defense industry has been exported to the United States ( U.S. ) . Pindad is one of the State-Owned Enterprises ( SOEs ) whose products have been exported . Currently PINDAD own exporting small caliber ammunition that is 5.56 mm to the land of Uncle Sam . Marketing Manager of PT Pindad , Maulana Sena , said in addition to exports to the United States it has also been exported to Singapore and Thailand ammunition . ” We export the ammunition caliber 5.56 mm to Thailand and Singapore at this constantly . Years 2000 we ever export to American , ” he said in Jakarta last weekend .

For foreign sales , PINDAD has its own agency in charge of sales . The value of exports of ammunition also called increased from year to year . However, Sena did not say how the value of exports for sure . ” Singapore is sophisticated enough alone book . Americans who have the military capability is very good as well and the last ever tombstone Laos , ” he said . In addition , in 2000 , PINDAD also been exported ammunition to Nigeria . ” Value significantly from 2010 to 2011 there was an increase . Remained stable from 2011 to 2012 due to fulfill domestic first . In 2013 compared to 2012 there was an increase , ” he said .

On the other hand , for the national defense industry currently needs the support of tax incentives ( fiscal ) to spur the growth and development of technological mastery . The policy has been adopted by China and South Korea . In addition , in accordance with Law No. 16/2012 on Defense Industry , the government should inject to the state -owned defense industry during times of financial constraint . Jangkapanjang financing can be taken from the state budget . Indonesia also had time to have a specialized financial institutions that finance the national land industry .

” It is time for national defense and security industry , both main weapon system / defense equipment or nonalutsista can stand up and be independent. Accordingly , the industry is able to carry out tasks in sufficient demand in the country , ” said the former Minister of Industry and Coordinating Minister for Development Supervision and Administrative Reform state Hartanto Sastrosoenarto .

According to him , many countries are vying to develop its defense industry in order to be in the forefront , including the Indonesia was started . Therefore , fiscal incentives for research activities , development , and machinery needed to spur the growth and development of the defense industry . Hartanto also strongly supports the existence of the Defense Industry Act because it will accelerate the development of the defense industry . Moreover , this law guarantees the purchase of defense equipment by the government to the national defense industry .


” This law for the independence of defense equipment , so that the condition of the defense industry in the dimension of land , sea , and air is able to meet the needs . If the domestic industry has not been able to , we need to transfer technology or to purchase a license , ” he said . Specialized financial institutions related to the defense industry , he added , Malaysia , India , and Thailand are countries that have implemented such policies . The trick , the government provides funds to financial institutions as long -term loans with low interest rates to finance the expansion of defense industries and basic industries .

“There UUnya and Defence Industry Policy Committee ( KKIP ) now , stay clearly specify the target , create a program , and then execute . Provide fiscal incentives and capital support , ” said Hartanto . He also said that there needs to be a synergy of research and development . ‘s military technology and engineering that could be applied in the defense industry sector . They are important aspects to support the industry that is efficient, effective , reliable , and integrated and competitive .

mastery Technologies
Meanwhile , Director General of High Technology-Based Industry Ministry Budi senior official said today , the defense industry in the country has been able to master the technology for the mid-level . Looking ahead , the mastery of the technology will be increased to a higher level. The government is also ambitious to raise the level of industry compliance with the local content above 35 % . ” We spur the growth of the industry in order to meet the 35 % local content . So , for the procurement or almatsus ( instrument specific materials ) , 35 % of which are submitted for execution in the country , ” said Budi .

According to him , the defense industry in the country has actually been able to produce various types of base defense and supporters . But , alusista with a certain level of technology and generally have not been using high technology . ” For example , for a bullet with radar and with the burst time is set , it can not we make , ” said Budi . . Citing data from the Ministry of Research and Technology , the national defense industry development master plan adopted in 2010 to 2029 . Indonesia is expected to meet the basic needs dimension of land , sea , and air military , so it can be self-sufficient by 2029 .


















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