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STORY: 10 U.S. Soldiers Fainting At Combat Practicing With TNI Year 2009

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Ten U.S. Marines are called United States Marine Corps ( USMC ) had to be evacuated due to fatigue during training in jungle survival Selogiri , Banyuwangi , East Java , on Tuesday . Staff Information Office ( Dispen ) Marine Corps First Lieutenant March Mardiono reported since Monday ( 19/10 ) until Tuesday ( 20/10 ) , recorded 10 fallen American soldiers and Marines could not continue due to exhaustion and survival training is not resistant to tropical weather .

” For example , Ranus ( 26 ) at the rank of BFC and born in California , is one of 10 U.S. Marines Soldiers were forced to evacuate a medical team from the Indonesian Marine Corps , ” he said , accompanied by his colleague Sergeant March Kuwadi .
Survival Exercise was followed 362 American Marines who guided 16 coaches , three interpreters ( translators ) , four communications personnel , and five Pandu Combat Team Soldier ( Rupanpur ) Navy Marine Corps . The survival activity is part of a series of joint exercises ( Latma ) U.S. Marines and Indonesia , titled ” Interoperability Field Training Exercise ( IIP ? FTX ) 2009 ” in Situbondo and Banyuwangi , 17 to 24 October 2009.
Latma is commanded by Colonel Marines Nur Alam was conducted at four places , namely in Banongan Beach , Marine Puslatpur Karangtekok , District Banyu White , Situbondo , Pasewaran , and forest Selogiri Banyuwangi . In Selogiri , 362 U.S. Marines Soldiers who explored the wild forest was divided into two waves each wave is divided into five teams , accompanied by coaches and doctors from the Navy Marine Corps .
One by one team was dispatched into the forest , but the committee has prepared a minefield rintangngan and installed in such a way that as a challenge , so the occasional sound of a mine that exploded from behind the forest grove . The blast made ​​the soldiers scrambling , but they still coordinate with each other in a single command to the commander of his squad .
Before undergoing the war in the woods , the U.S. Marines were equipped with some knowledge and insight related to how to survive in the woods . ” They also teach us how to eat the plants in the forest , animal face among several types of snakes and wild animals , ” said Chief Tim ( Katim ) Survival Marine Captain M Machfud .
Other coaches , Pelda Mujiono Marines practicing how to correct the tame snake . Several U.S. Marines also exist that try to eat some wild plant species . With limited logistical preparations , a soldier is required to survive . Each wave of the Survival Training takes four days and nights .
” They face a tough challenge , even though they carry combat equipment such as M.16 A4 rifle , GPMG , other sophisticated weapons are equipped with infra- red , fairly sophisticated communications equipment , and digital tools hint position on the earth ( Global Positioning System / GPS ) , ” he said


comentary :

  1. sebaiknya jgn dilatih Ndan, biarkan saja prajurit USA hnya mampu berbekal alat-2 canggih tanpa perlu melengkapi kemampuan taktis, bagaimana TNI AL , mereka akhirnya tahu donk rahasi kekuatan personel TNI AL dalam surviving, biarkan mereka buta pengalaman tempur

    saya tidak setuju untuk hal beginian NKRI harga mati


  2. betul sekali..terkadang sukka aneh klo dipikir2..kita royal ke barat tp barat pelit ke kita…seperti latihan bareng seperti ini hanya membongkar rahasia pertahanan indonesia,,,sungguh bodoh

  3. walaupun tentara kita kalah dalam kecanggihan senjata tapi kalo soal kemampuan pertahanan personel jangan dianggap enteng,, terus maju prajurit . . . . .!!!


  4. para petinggi TNI sungguh bodoh dengan membiarkan bangsa lain mempelajari cara-cara TNI surviv di hutan













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