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18 Cannon KH-179 Strengthen the indonesian Army

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Power artillery at indonesiat army grew gahar. In addition will be equipped with 155mm caliber cannon Swagerak French Caesar, a similar caliber cannon with the country of origin of ginseng have arrived in the country. Here he cannon Kh179 155mm caliber. And this is coming a successful photo camera recorded the ARC.
18 Meriam KH-179 Perkuat TNI AD
A total of 18 Kh – 179 cannon imported from South Korea worth U.S. $ 944 thousand . Later these guns will be placed at the border to complement the existing arsenal . Also participated hired truck towing the guns are also made in South Korea .

Kh – 179 itself was developed by Kia Machine Tool Company ( now called Hyundai – WIA ) based on tensile M114A1 howitzer system , which is widely used in the Vietnam War . South Korea has about 1,700 M114A1 system . Operation of the gun itself is not much changed from the M114A1 version , where it took two crews to change the direction of the cannon , the soldiers left the crew gunner in rotating the wheel to change the direction of the horizontal ( traverse ) , while the soldier on the right as an assistant gunner turning the wheel to change the vertical elevation of the muzzle of the cannon . One soldier acting as a director and took aim through a telescope with a 4x magnification and dial sight , or if necessary , operate Kh – 179 for direct fire support ( direct fire ) using special telescopes that have a 3.5x magnification . Kh – 179 system applying two different tubes for retaining shock ( hydraulic dampers / hydropneumatic shock absorber ) and the other for the return of the next tube ( recuperator ) , which is considered to be able to extend the lifespan of the cannon . At the time of the shooting , there are pegs that can be lowered to be planted and adds shooting stability .

In terms of ammunition, Kh179 munitions enjoy compatibility with NATO and the U.S., the superiority of South Korean products. This means that the Kh179 is capable of firing the entire cluster munitions, including 155mm rockets special berpendorong (RAP: Rocket Assisted projectiles). Means range is 22km, or 30km when using RAP ammunition. Speed ​​of fire when used continuously up to 4 rounds per minute.
Welcome to KH179 …!

Written by EKA ALONE

Mei 13, 2014 pada 8:58 am

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