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Korea: “Sleeping Giant Named Indonesia and Singapore to Indonesia envy”

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A good friend of mine from South Korea Mr . Kim, who is also the Head of the Institute for Research and Technological Development in the South ( BPPT kind in Indonesia ) about a year ago never say to me that Indonesia is like a sleeping giant ( The Sleeping Giant ) . He spoke analogy it looked incredible potential that Indonesia by land area , population and natural resources of Indonesia.

Mr . Kim comparing Indonesia and Korea . Area of ​​the Republic of South Korea only 100 300 km2 , with a population of about 50 million people , compared with an area of ​​137 000 km2 island of Java with a population of 130 million people . South Korea is located on the Korean Peninsula with natural conditions and hilly terrain . Only about 20 % of the land area that can be occupied by humans or processed into agricultural land . Contrary to Java vast agricultural land and human occupancy reaches 80 % of the total area of ​​the island of Java .

Java is a very fertile and once the breadbasket Indonesia is now crowded by dense human , plant and industrial areas . Agricultural land and plantations shrink drastically . Java predicate as ” Indonesian Food Barn ” had already disappeared .

Korea as well as Taiwan and Singapore is a country which has a very small land area . South Korea and Taiwan’s agricultural land is very limited . Moreover, Singapore is actually not at all landless agricultural and food needs of 100 % of imports . Countries – countries such as Indonesia is very envious of the land area of almost 2 million km2 . Imagination about what to do if you have a country the size of Indonesia always pictured dancing on their minds .

Limitations of land area causing Korea , Taiwan and Singapore are looking for the best way to meet the needs and welfare of its people . They are the foundation of the technology sector , financial services and tourism , international trade , industrialization and so on , that it does not require land smuanya / large land . Taiwan and South Korea, is famous as the largest and leading electronics manufacturers in the world . They outperform the western world in the electronics industry and shipping . Secrets of progress and prosperity lies in their thousands every year new discoveries in the field of appropriate technology and the availability of industrialization for all the new inventions . Excellent .

Although Korea has long been a prosperous country , but they still want and have always dreamed of a large area . Various restrictions and constraints of certain countries in which they invest have become a serious threat to the Korean government’s efforts to ensure and maintain the prosperity they have achieved so far .

China and India are the two largest Korean investment destination . In China alone there are currently over 22,000 Korean companies . However , since the last few years , the Government of China , India also began to “complicate ” the company thousands by raising the minimum wage employees and are always trying to steal the secret of the technology used by the company – Korean companies there . Problem reputation steal steal or pirate reading Chinese technology is a hobby that is very famous all over the world .

In contrast to China , Taiwan especially Japan , according to Mr . Kim son of a general in the Korean War (1950-1955) , who also is my host sister , Indonesia is a haven for Korean investment . Over the last 10 years , Indonesia slowly – land began to be a favorite investment destination country of Korea .

All that is in very nice Indonesian Korean investors except on 3 things: 1 . Corruption and depravity of bureaucracy , 2 . Limited infrastructure ( electricity , telephone , roads , ports and the like ) , and 3 . Laziness and inaction that nenjadi general nature of the majority of workers Indonesia.

If three of these things can be overcome by the Indonesian government , Mr . Kim was very confident Indonesia would become a super power country , especially in the economic field . Regarding other things , no less than Indonesian . ” God so dear in this country ” said Mr. . Kim’s a time when we were talking in a hotel in front of the fountain roundabout HI , Central Jakarta at the end of last year .

I was so amazed and attraction of Mr . Kim was on Indonesia , he many – times have always said he wanted to die and be buried in the land of Indonesia . Of speech and his eyes were sincere , I believe in the intention .

If later , within 3 near Indonesia can overcome the disease ? Is Indonesia later could be a giant awakened from its slumber ? Or even become a giant stretched and shook the world ? Only God knows bissawab … It depends on the seriousness of the people and government of Indonesia itself . Hopefully . Aamiiiin Yes Rabbilalamin


Written by EKA ALONE

Mei 13, 2014 pada 8:00 am

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