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Made In Bandung, Appallingly Europe

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In September 1935, that the first event in the world, Asian-made aircraft wheels set down in mainland Europe.

pesawat buatan bandung indonesia,walraven 2

Ahmad bin new Talim set foot in Amsterdam in 1974. , But his work has landed there first – September 1935 .

On 27 September 1935 , Asian-made aircraft pounded the wheel in mainland Europe , for the first time in the world . The plane managed to fly long distances through several continents , then landed safely at Schiphol , Amsterdam .

The twin-engined aircraft made ​​100 percent in Java , in a warehouse on Jalan Pasir Kaliki , London -order millionaire Khouw Khe aircraft Hien who want to improve the efficiency of its business activities .

In March 1934, the Khouw book with Laurents Walraven , part design – engineering Militaire Luchtvaart KNIL .

Under the terms Khouw needs , then designing Walraven aircraft cabin low -wing monoplane with an aerodynamic , sleek , equipped with two engines – each measuring 90 horsepower .

Meanwhile , the aircraft is the fruit of craftsmanship Talim bin Ahmad and his colleagues . Amazing !

Ten months later , in early January 1935 , Lieutenant Terluin maiden flight aircraft orders Walraven – 2 Khouw . Evaluation : shows good performance , without any of the difficulties .

About two weeks later , January 28 , aircraft registration receive flight PK – KKH , which was taken from the acronym for the name of Hien Khouw Khe .

W – 2 plane belonging to the most modern models at that time . For some reason , Khouw choose to fly first to Europe . Though the distance is farther away from the Chinese mainland , which is closer than the Dutch East Indies ( Indonesia , when it was ) .

Walraven – 2 was , according to the late Ahmad bin Talim , have not been tested to fly long distances in Java .

” Next thing I know he went to London via Batavia to Europe , ” recalls Ahmad , 1981.

History does not record again how fate Walraven – 2 aircraft PK – KKH . Ahmad bin Talim did not remember anymore . Although he still had time to see the plane in one of the hangars Andir ( now Hussein Sastranegara Airport ) , London , before abandoned forever .

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