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Talwar Class frigate Prospective Substitute Russian Navy frigate Lawas

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SIGMA PKR 10514 is currently manufactured by PT PAL in collaboration with the Dutch DAMEN plan is to replace the old Parchim Navy corvette which is quite a lot (about 19 units). Why chosen PKR SIGMA 10514 which belongs to the class of light frigates and corvettes instead of class as well? Corvette is owned Navy currently has many limitations, both of cruising, air defense systems, radar and also the type of helicopter that can be transported, making it difficult to protect the waters of Indonesia expanse. Compare with the SIGMA PKR 10514, with a cruising further afield, weapons capable, formidable air defense system, and radar support, truly the ideal choice to replace the corvette.

Fregat Talwar Class Rusia Calon Pengganti Fregat Lawas TNI AL

Talwar Class Frigate Russia

Going forward, the Navy will not use the corvette type vessel again but directly to the higher class is Light Frigate / SIGMA PKR 10514. Thing so the question is, whether the SIGMA 10514 PKR is also to replace older military frigate which account for about 10 units including Frigate Van Speijk class?.

Navy frigate lawasnya indeed want to change, but not the PKR SIGMA 10514. This is exactly why the Navy Chief to visit Russia. He did want to find a replacement class frigate Van Speijk with Russian-made ships, but not the Corvette 20380 Steregushchy, because Steregushchy one class with SIGMA PKR 10514.’s No way to make the Navy ship classes with a large investment.

Fregat Talwar Class Rusia Calon Pengganti Fregat Lawas TNI AL

Talwar Class Frigate Russia

So what to look for Pak Navy chief of staff? certainly he sought the higher class of PKR SIGMA, namely Talwar Class frigate which today belongs to India. Talwar Class frigate missiles that could carry the death” like those of the KRI OWA, will be offered to be produced at PT PAL (of course with the desired Spec Indonesia). With a number of reasons that a lot of production, plus the dense Russian shipyards to serve the order of warships and submarines (plus proximity Russian Indonesian), the possibility of a very large project was approved. Looks like PKR pair Talwar Class frigate SIGMA10514 and will be a deadly duo, a blend of western and eastern blocks, such as the Navy desired.



Spesifikasi : 
Type        : Guided Missile Frigate

Displacement    :   
Standard   : 3,850 tonnes
Full load    : 4,035 tonnes
Length      : 124.8 metres
Beam        : 15.2 metres
Draught     : 4.2 metres
Propulsion : COGAG; 2 × DS-71 gas turbines and 2 × DT-59 boost turbines, driving two shafts.

Speed       : 32 knots
Range        : 4,850 mi (7,810 km) at 14 knots (26 km/h), 1,600 miles (2,600 km) at 30 knots (56 km/h),
Endurance   :     30 days
Complement :     220
Crew        :     190

Sensors and processing systems : Surface search radar: 3Ts-25E Garpun-B, MR-212/201-1, Nucleus-2 6000A

Air search radar : Fregat M2EM

Fire control    : JSC 5P-10E Puma FCS, 3R14N-11356 FCS, MR-90 Orekh SAM FCS

Electronic warfare & decoys :     TK-25E-5 EW suite, four KT-216 decoy launchers

Armament    :     
Guns and missiles : 1 × 100mm (3.9 in) A-190E gun, two Kashtan CIWS systems, eight-cell VLS for 3M-54E Klub and BrahMos missiles, one 3S-90 launcher for 9M















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