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Top worries neighbors Modernization Indonesian Air Force combat equipment

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Strategic rationale of the military leadership , especially the Air Force and the Ministry of Defense to modernize defense equipment at the Air Force power to bring fresh air in the field of Indonesian defense . Air Force need for a strong and respected was approved by the President , and then got the appreciation and approval of the House of Representatives . An intelligent awareness and togetherness in defending the sovereignty of the nation and the state . Efforts to reach the minimum essential force , MEF ( Minimum Essential Force ) defense is still the focus of development policy and the power of the future military capabilities .

After a long road , the Air Force began to be addressed by national leaders who see the importance of the air force in a country . For example , the United States played the USAF as a means of dictation and confront the Libyan military forces , in helping the uprising in Libya against Colonel Gaddafi . Likewise clandestine CIA operation that uses unmanned aircraft to chase and kill leaders of Al – Qaeda declared a success with very minimal kertugian .

Air Force began using Sukhoi – 27 family in 2003 after the cancellation of the contract of purchase 12 Su – 30MKI units in 1996 . Contracts of 2003 include the purchase of 2 units of Sukhoi – 27SK and two Sukhoi – 30MK units worth 192 million U.S. dollars without a weapon package . That was the beginning of the rise of air power to compensate for the Indonesian air force neighboring countries .

Besides, Indonesia has signed an agreement with South Korea , participated build a 4.5 generation fighter aircraft KFX / IFX ( Korean – Indonesian Fighter Xperimental ) , Boramae , which the Air Force originally planned to have as many as 50 pieces in 2020 . KFX future / IFX Boramae become clear after the South Korean government declared the project budget cut .

Indonesian history concerning sustainability of national life , and the threat of state sovereignty conflicts only occur due to friction with neighboring countries . Indonesian Air Force began to be respected after the show MAKS 2007 in Moscow , where the Department of Defense announced a contract for the purchase of Sukhoi – 27SKM 3 units and 3 units of Sukhoi – 30MK2 worth 350 million U.S. dollars . Now the Air Force already has 10 Sukhoi and one squadron will be complete in 2014 . Besides, in 2014 , the Air Force will have the equivalent of 34 F – 16 Block 52 ( 24 F – 16 C / D origin of the grant and 10 upgraded F – 16 military AU with a package of grants F – 16 ) .

Australian anxiety

In reviewing the threat , the air intelligence measure of the strength , ability and vulnerability to both elements of the defense element of attacker or enemy or prospective enemies . Standard air intelligence analysis in any country using the same standard , 3K and 1N ( Intention ) . Since TRIKORA operation in 1961 , Australia while not directly put Indonesia as a threat , saying that the enemy will come from the North . Australia held a more focused strength to the North , the observation area is done by over-the- horizon radar , which is capable of monitoring up to the island of Java and Borneo .

Since the Air Force in training with Pitch Black 2012, the Australian government , in particular the RAAF feel the anxiety and shock , where the Air Force Su – 30 turned out to be superior to the F – 18F Super Hornet almost all lines . From the results of these exercises , Australia must make a choice , choose a plan procurement of 100 units F – 35 Lightning of America ( joint strike fighter ) squadron or two still buy 24 F – 18 Super Hornet .

The Business Spectator stated , “Indonesia plans to buy 180 fighter jets from Russia / India ie PAK – FA T – 50 or Su – 35s . So the question is better chosen than the F – 35 Hornet . If Indonesia later in the future would help to strengthen the air force Su – 35S or T – 50 , then AU Australia will encounter a big problem , he concluded .

Official press release written Rossiiskaya Gazeta daily said that the T – 50 will combine the functions of the role and function as an assault aircraft fighter jets . The aircraft is equipped with modern avionics that integrate electronic functions and array radar . The new equipment will provide the opportunity for pilots to concentrate on doing combat duty .

Military analysts in Australia stated that the slogan holds RAAF ( first look , first shoot , first kill ‘ ) , defense officials struggled to find a way out by not maintaining Hornet is considered outdated . Sukhoi by Australia was considered too great .

Furthermore Spectator Business analyst stated , ” For example , the JSF ( Joint Fighter Srike ) can operate effectively only to a maximum height of about 40,000 feet ( though still able to operate higher but lost in a higher level ) . Instead , Sukhoi can operate at full capacity at a much higher level and the advantages and advantages , they have the systems and weapons that could undermine an Australian JSF before they have the opportunity to apply catchphrase . ” Confirmed by the BS that no air combat are required . Australian aircraft has collapsed before the battle , because long before he realized it was ambushed .

The solution suggested is that if Australia ( RAAF ) has the F – 22 Raptor or Raptor technology is applied to the option selected fighter . The problem , America does not allow the F – 22 sale to a country other than for defense in the country .

Interestingly , the New Australia recommends Australia chose Sukhoi as did India , a license with a license to build the Sukhoi Australia , both Sukhoi Su – 35S Flanker or the Su – 32 Fullback . The current preference is the Su – 35S . Currently licensed manufacturing of Sukhoi fighter aircraft in India and China . Australia could buy Sukhoi aircraft intact and build avionics , and weapons locally . Now many companies in Russia , Asia , Israel and Europe are involved in the manufacture of Sukhoi parts . Sukhoi is ‘ open source ‘ , according to the New Asia .

In strategic thinking , Australia in addition to looking at Indonesia as a threat , also put India as a threat . In addition to the development of defense and security situation in the South Pacific Ocean , to the attention of Australia with the cooperation with the United States. In Australia Kevin Rudd government anti- Indian position , this position puts Australia forced to buy the F – 35 . In the reign of Julian Gillard , Australia will be close to India and become allies , could likely get a chance to have a T- 50 . Australia according RBTH better have Super Flankers are cheap ( USD 66 million / fruit ) than the price of the F – 35 ( USD 238 million ) .

Sukhoi rated far superior to the JSF . Su – 35 has an effective range of about 4,000 km compared with only 2,200 miles for the F – 35 . . This means that JSF requires support tanker aircraft to close the space ( territory of Australia ) whose width is 4.000km . In addition , the speed of the Su – 35 is Mach 2.4 ( nearly two and a half times the speed of sound ) , while the F – 35 is limited to Mach 1.6 . According to Victor M. Chepkin , first deputy general director of NPO Saturn AL – 41F engine will allow the new Russian jet to supercruise ( fly at supersonic speeds for long distance . ) By not having to switch to the afterburner . Thus , the aircraft can save fuel. In conclusion both the F – 35 and F – 18 its performance under the Su – 35 .

Australia now faces a dilemma anxiety . RAAF continues to follow the development of the modernization of the Air Force . By having family Flankers , then Indonesia in the future is not likely to be able to have Su – 35 fighter aircraft , and even fighter T – 50 fifth generation . PAK FA T – 50 fighter jets ( Prospective Airborne Complex of Frontline Aviation ) is experiencing an engine test at Zhukovsky Airfield , Moscow . According to Viktor Bondarev , Commander in Chief of the Russian Air Force , the T – 50 test will take about 2-2.5 years , so that by the year 2015 to 2016 , the T – 50 will already be sent to the Russian Air Force .

Based on these facts , it seems Australia is now in a state of anxiety as experienced in 1961 , where the Tu – 16, the Air Force is able to achieve its land without being detected and can not be anticipated . By having a combined air combat armaments East and West , Indonesia is a country that respected its neighbors .

Australia became more depressed after knowing Indonesia is keen to establish a shared care center for fixed and rotary wing aircraft of Russia . Victor Komardin , deputy head of Rosoboronexport , Russia’s war equipment exporter , has announced that at the LIMA 2013 Air show in Malaysia .

Concluded , with the already started the family ownership Flankers ( Su 27/30 ) , Indonesia ( TNI AU ) into the country under consideration by Australia and certainly also by other neighbors . Transfer of technology to more advanced aircraft is only a matter of time that is not too complicated if there TNI AU force development . Australia is very concerned Indonesia likely to have Su – 35 and it is not impossible that the economy is getting better , one day Indonesia will have a T – 50 fighter aircraft .

It is far better aerial intelligence and strategic thinking , estimating global and regional developments and provide input to the leaders who are up to date . Above all we must understand is the importance of the Air Force ‘s ability to power ” kepruk . ” That’s the basic principle that we counted . May be useful …




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Mei 13, 2014 pada 7:52 am

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