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indonesian DRONE PUNA WULUNG trully made in indonesian – Puna Wulung, been able to Fly 6 Hours and reach 120 km

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Puna Wulung, been able to Fly 6 Hours and reach 120 km
PUNA Wulung
Puna drones achievement testing program in cooperation Balitbang Wulung Kemhan and BPPT has been performed by a team of Puna PTIPKTIRBR on May 22 to 2 May 2014 in the airport Nusa Wiru, Cijulang, Pangandaran, West Java.

Flight testing is intended to determine the performance improvement drones Puna Wulung PA 08, PA 09 and PA 10, the prototype design improvements result BPPT Puna latest work. The third prototype Wulung Puna prepared for the mission program monitoring (surveillance and recognition) TNI in border patrol operations.

Puna Wulung able to fly with a duration of 6 hours with a range of around 120 miles from the launch point. This technical specification criteria are agreed as performance figures Puna Wulung to enter production line.

Pengujian PUNA Wulung
To improve the ability to fly drones Puna Wulung duration of 4 hours to 6 hours , the prototype Wulung PA 08 , PA 09 and PA 10 carried an increased fuel tank capacity of 35 liters prior to 55 liters . The consequence of adding extra fuel weight makes aircraft construction Wulung Puna should be lighter than the previous version , so that the maximum takeoff weight was unchanged at 120kg . In addition, the strength of the structure is also improved from 3.5 G to 7.6 G in anticipation of use in weather modification missions requiring extra structural strength for flight operations in extreme conditions .
Challenges make aircraft lighter construction with stronger structural strength makes teams have to work hard in order to engineer the manufacturing process achieved a weight reduction which will be replaced by the addition of fuel .
At this time the flight test vehicle PTIPK started using Ground Control Station ( GCS ) which belongs to the latest BPPT system equipped with telescopic antenna . This allows the control system as well as data – link Puna from Puna to the GCS can be real -time , practical and expected movement and from a home base well . From the results of the flight test activities achievement Puna Wulung fly drones monitored and the results of data delivery documentation flew Puna recorded at GCS .
As a result of the flight test date of May 1, 2014 , Puna Wulung PA 09 was recorded had reached as far as 150 miles to fly in flying height is 1.82 m to the south bearing 125 deg by using a combination of online communication system offset and iridium satellite system .

Fore still needs to be done several times to increase the reliability of the test flight (reliability ) of Puna Wulung drone which includes remote test range , maximum altitude flying, as well as the ability to complete the flight test Puna PA 08 , PA 09 and PA 10






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