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The Strongest Military in south east asia & compare indonesia vs malaysia 2013

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Map of indonesia
Indonesian soldier
Indonesian SAT-81 Special unit Elite Army


Military analysis agency, Global Firepower, released a list of the countries with the greatest fighting force in the world. Of the 68 countries surveyed, Indonesia is ranked 15.

Quoted from page Globalfirepower, Thursday, June 13, 2013, Indonesia’s military strength is not only designed to fight terrorists in the country. However, unable to resist the attacks of the invasion of other countries.

Indonesia is ranked 15th with a power index of 0.76. Active personnel strength reached 438 410 people, with the value of the power of 400 armored vehicles, military aircraft power value 444, and 187 helicopters strength values.

Index Indonesian naval war strength of 150, the number of military ships 139 units of various types. Indonesia’s military budget in 2012 was U.S. $ 5.2 billion.

When compared with allied countries, Malaysia, Indonesia’s military strength is still superior. Malaysia in Global statistics Firepower is ranked 33. Malaysia has 80 thousand active military personnel and value the power of 69 armored vehicles.

Malaysian naval strength index reached 55, with a number of military ships as many as 40 units. Malaysia’s military budget in 2012 was U.S. $ 4.2 billion.

Malaysia fighting force aided by alliances with some countries such as Australia, New Zealand, UK, and Singapore.

This analysis provides a definition of actual military power map, not focused on the numerical superiority fighter or combatant ship like that become public opinion. That’s why although Singapore had the highest fighter force in ASEAN, the island nation remains unable to surpass Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia. Indicator of the strength of defense equipment is not a determining factor of a state military superiority.
We had been affected by psychological opinion that Jakarta will be destroyed within two hours if attacked by fighter Singapore. In fact what it is, it’s the biggest archipelago in the world, has 240 million inhabitants nationalist character, abundant natural resources, and most importantly in military strategy, our country made up of thousands of point defense. Compare this with the state of the island, just a few points on an island. In defense, the island is more easily conquered. Clear air force is not a major factor in winning the battle for the mother of all wars is the army.
Just a comparison, here presented maps of military force between Indonesia and Malaysia based on analysis of Global Fire Power:


Total Population 245,613,043 – 28,728,607
Military Manpower Available 129,075,188 – 14,817,517
Fit for Military Service 107,538,660 – 12,422,580
Reaching Military Age Yearly 4,455,159 – 519.280
Active Military Personnel 438.410 to 124.000
Active Military Reserves 400.000 to 640.199
Total Aircraft 510-258
Total Land-Based Weapons 1.577 to 2.465
Total Naval Units 136-65
Towed Artillery 59-54
Merchant Marine Strength 1.244 to 321
Major Ports and Terminals 9 5
Aircraft Carriers 0 0
Destroyers 0 0
Frigates 6 4
Submarines 2 2
Coastal Patrol Craft 31 37
Mine Warfare Craft 12 4
Amphibious Operations Craft 8 1
Defense Budget $ 4,740,000,000 $ 3,500,000,000
Foreign Reserves $ 96,210,000,000 $ 106,500,000,000
Purchasing Power $ 1,030,000,000,000 $ 414,400,000,000
Oil Production 1,023,000 bbl bbl 693.700
536 000 bbl Oil Consumption 1,115,000 bbl
Proven Oil Reserves 4,050,000,000 2,900,000,000 bbl bbl
Total Labor Force 116,500,000 12,200,000
Roadway Coverage 437.759 km 98.721 km
Railway Coverage 5.042 km 1.849 miles
Waterway Coverage 21.579 km 7,200 km
Coastline Coverage 54.716 km 4.675 miles
Major Serviceable Airports 684 118
Square Land Area 1,904,569 km 329.847 km

From the above data we can put some notes on current conditions, for example, Indonesia’s foreign exchange reserves are now at $, – (Late July 2011), the amount of current KRI 152 unit range. Ships with the status of KAL, CTF and Water Police are not taken into account by the GFP, but this jenir ships played a role in maritime security patrols or patrol beaches (Coastal Patrol Craft). Then the reserve components (Active Military Reserves) may exceed the amount of GFP calculation if the Security Unit, Civil Service Police Unit, Civil Defence in the calculation.

GFP analysis presented is sufficient objective evidence and renewable, is able to present the latest data provide a comprehensive picture of a country’s military power by force of military resources, weapons systems, naval forces, logistic support and distribution base, natural resources for survival , financial support and geographical conditions. Exciting fighter force combined with other weapons systems whether it be transport aircraft, helicopters, tanks, APCs, artillery is the strength of the army. While naval power into separate factors contributing to real military strength of a country.

Well, it became clear that we are the best in the region in military rank. Therefore we need to eliminate the psychological opinions expressed mengunder estimate the power of the military, as if the military is the most weak, as if the military was unable to overcome the Singapore air strikes, as if the military was unable to escort the territory of Republic of Indonesia. Minimum essential force in conditions that have not achieved our military was able to occupy 15 world ranking. In fact, from 2012 till 2014 it will arrive at least 60 new aircraft types, 15 different types of transport aircraft, 55 combat various types of Heli, 30 Fast Missile Vessel, 3 submarines, 2 Fregat, hundreds of tanks and armored vehicles of various types. Not to mention the project surface to surface missiles, surface-to-air, anti-tank missiles and rockets Rhan thousands of domestic production.

This means that opportunities to increase military rank was very open. But more than that, we should always be confident in the ability of our state guard commander, with the spirit of combat, with the quality of army soldiers who always outperformed neighboring countries. Once again our military is the foremost among the neighbor. And that we should take care and maintain the supply alusista modern and thrilling. And it must be consistent and continuous, –
source: Indonesian military strength

By it because we should not be embarrassed or afraid of other countries, International Survey Evidence institutions also (GFP) recognizes a military strength of our country loh .. remember we have the largest military force in the ASEAN Australia even well below us.

Written by EKA ALONE

Agustus 6, 2013 pada 8:50 am

30 Tanggapan

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  1. If Indonesia has the strongest military in Southeast Asia, it would not have to surrender East Timor. It would not lose Sipadan and Ligitan. There would not be any territorial conflict with the “weaker” nations. Just because you have the largest population, the largest manpower, the largest troops, does not make you the strongest military power in this region. You should look at the performance of your military equipment, its technological capabilities and ability to cover the entire Indonesian territory from Acheh to Papua. Singapore, while a tiny island, has more firepower than Indonesia. Its armed forces, let say as big as Indonesia in terms of aircrafts, naval vessels, tanks, and air defense forces, would just have to cover a tiny island, whereas Indonesia would have to cover thousands of islands.

    Another factor you have to consider is alliances. It is not a secret that Singapore is the strongest and closest ally of the United States in this region. Plus, it has a military alliance with Malaysia, Australia, and New Zealand in this region.

    Lets say if Indonesian Armed Forces attacked Singapore, what would happen is Australia and New Zealand will attack Indonesia from Southeast. While your fighter jets try hard to penetrate Singapore’s air space, it would have been shot down by their GBAD, confronted in a dog fight with their Silent Eagles, and attacked by their frigates. Malaysia might stay neutral in this regard as to maintain good neighborliness , but don’t expect us to stay put and remain indifferent. Thailand too might stay neutral as not to confront China, but as Malaysia, they too might not be able to sit around and do nothing. The US maintains a naval base in Singapore, thus an attack by Indonesian Armed Forces on US vessels there amount to a declared war against the superpower. Maybe Indonesia, for some reason may summoned help from Russia, and China would want to keep the US out of its backyard, but don’t forget the US’ allies in the Northeast are by no way a small feat. South Korea and Japan would have muster their strengths to stop Russia and China, while the European countries like Great Britain, France and Germany would attack Russia from the west. Even Turkey too might have to standby their armed forces against the Russian and Iran. So who you gonna call? Israel would confront Iran, if the Islamic republic started to call for war against the US and its allies. The Arab countries might stay neutral for a moment, just like Malaysia, but if war broke out in their neighborhood between Israel and Iran, don’t expect them to side with the Islamic republic. They would rather assist Israel to destroy Iran and install a puppet regime there. Next, Cuba and Venezuela might try to flex muscle with the US, but the superpower has more than enough strength to confront these jokers. If things get worse in the Americas, Canada can lend a support. Trapped within the American Theater would be Mexico. Like Malaysia, Thailand, and the Arabs, Mexico too would try to stay neutral, but due to their large exposure to the US’ economy, they would want to lend support to their northern neighbor rather than to Cuba and Venezuela.


    Maret 21, 2014 at 8:55 pm

    • why do Indonesian freelance timor leste ? Indonesia off Sipadan Ligitan why ? This could not be separated because of the pressure of the international community who want them separated from Indonesia , and if attacked Indonesia Malaysia , Indonesia fate surely end up like Iraq , Libya and Afghanistan are battered and colonized America and its allies with no apparent reason ( the threat of weapons of mass destruction ) , you need to know , Indonesia is the largest Muslim country the world today , and their targets ( Zionist Jews) is destroying Muslim countries that have the strength and character of the premises has a strong leader both frontal , mentally and economically , our president must use reasonable and common sense to solve this problem with a persuasive , if only today’s world there is no peace treaty Indonesian certainly will use military force to crush malaysia and Timor Leste , you should know that in about 1960 Indonesia became the pioneer African Asian bloc formation , is characterized with declared African countries with a conference asia asia africa in the city of Bandung Indonesia , and you should know also that Indonesia currently has a military industry in Bandung and bogor + aviation industry in Bandung . The t so do not underestimate our nation , you certainly need to learn a lot about our nation not through the American media , but from our media , Indonesian media and of course you will get a lot of valuable information .

      gresik troops army

      Mei 7, 2014 at 5:15 am

    • do not be proud of first, Indonesia will invade singapore with just one small squadron of polonia airbase, Indonesia has a lot of air squadrons in a variety of areas like maospati airbase, hasanudin airbase, tarakan airbase, juanda airbase and many more. and do not be jealous with our huge massive military power. . be a wise man guys. . oke.. ??

      gresik troops army

      Juli 10, 2014 at 3:29 pm

    • singapore should pay for the air Indonesia, do not be upset when the fog comes,
      you must know the strength of Indonesia is actually the “PEOPLE”, because the Indonesian people that the always hold Republic firm death price !!
      plus the daredevil (jihad)
      and you should know that all the people of Indonesia ready for war everything !!!
      because indonesian people always think would rather die than not independent at all
      # Do not make indonesian people angry


      Juli 20, 2014 at 2:27 am

  2. If you think you are so strong, then attack Singapore la.
    You can’t even solve your forest fires and haze problem. Still want to talk big. Stupid indonesians.

    Dumb indonesians

    Mei 7, 2014 at 2:49 pm

    • for the forest fire indonesia done by foreign companies that manage oil palm plantations in Sumatra , Indonesia so do not blame entirely for this . to natural disasters , I love a bit of an explanation for you , Indonesia is the nation’s large and spacious and Indonesia are included in the ring of fire and a cluster ring pacific tectonic fault , of course, Indonesia is often hit by natural disasters , Indonesia has its own disaster control agencies and these advantages are rarely the western media said , the western media has always cornered and discredit Indonesia without exposing excess and kindness Indonesian owned . so western societies generally do not know very well about Indonesia , so do you think is the one you already know very well about Indonesia . you are only limited to newborns to know more about this nation . come to Indonesia and Indonesia to learn all owned . I will be waiting and ready to be your guide with pleasure and without charge . its free . . just to help others and help you know more about Indonesia

      gresik troops army

      Mei 13, 2014 at 7:05 am

    • “If you think you are so strong, then attack Singapore la”

      you’re an idiot. if war were to happen, given our land/population size even if we were to win the battles, we’ll lose the war. where do you think the things you use daily come from? do you have any idea how many indonesians participate as manpower in singapore?

      what are you? 14? 13 years old? hormones raging?

      Wo Shi Xiong Mao

      Mei 19, 2014 at 1:01 am

      • your country win the battles.? impossible I think. . and its fair result and be a wise if indonesia win the battles again tiny country like singapore la. . every body knows indonesia win the battles with a huge military support to destroy your chick and tiny island. .

        gresik troops army

        Juli 10, 2014 at 3:15 pm

      • is fair fact if indonesia participate at ur country as manpower becoz indonesia have 300 million populate better than singapore with 3 million populate. . hahahahahahaha . .

        gresik troops army

        Juli 10, 2014 at 3:17 pm

      • do not be proud of first, Indonesia will invade singapore with just one small squadron of polonia airbase, Indonesia has a lot of air squadrons in a variety of areas like maospati airbase, hasanudin airbase, tarakan airbase, juanda airbase and many more. and do not be jealous with our huge massive military power. . be a wise man guys. . oke.. ??

        gresik troops army

        Juli 10, 2014 at 3:30 pm

      • You shouldn’t underestimate singapore. Even though we have better military, doesn’t mean we’re better than singapore. Look into our country. There are still poverty everywhere. There’s still a lot of corruptor. Military doesn’t (too) matters. Quality of life matters


        Januari 11, 2015 at 2:26 pm

    • indonesia is a huge country at south east asia with many planning and varians and do not envy the Indonesian nation becoz you state that like a dwarfs. . hahahahahaha. . .

      gresik troops army

      Juli 10, 2014 at 3:22 pm

    • do not be proud of first, Indonesia will invade singapore with just one small squadron of polonia airbase, Indonesia has a lot of air squadrons in a variety of areas like maospati airbase, hasanudin airbase, tarakan airbase, juanda airbase and many more. and do not be jealous with our huge massive military power. . be a wise man guys. . oke.. ??

      gresik troops army

      Juli 10, 2014 at 3:30 pm

  3. singapore should pay for the air Indonesia, do not be upset when the fog comes,
    you must know the strength of Indonesia is actually the “PEOPLE”, because the Indonesian people that the always hold Republic firm death price !!
    plus the daredevil (jihad)
    and you should know that all the people of Indonesia ready for war everything !!!
    because indonesian people always think would rather die than not independent at all
    # Do not make indonesian people angry


    Juli 20, 2014 at 2:20 am

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  9. […] The strongest military in south east asia & compare […]

  10. the one that makes me the person malaysia is greatness in the world of Comedy …
    makes me always tersenyum..dan of your war will not happen because of the troops sent is a collection of comedians


    Desember 22, 2014 at 12:13 pm

  11. Indonesia will lose every battle bcz lake of experience ,technology and its developing economy. As far as Islam dominate Indonesia it will be a weak medieval developing country.To develop Indonesia needed to get rid of Islam first afterall Islam is not something to be proud of.

    supreme commander

    Januari 16, 2015 at 5:00 am

  12. let’s laugh together… haha

    Gumball W

    September 14, 2015 at 5:47 pm

  13. Well when you’re talking to Indonesians..you need to counter-act by talking like them.As far as I know,they are the ones who always talks big and underestimate it’s neighbours (hence the overpopulated and low knowledgeable citizens).When talking about military,it’s all about the chain of command,advanced equipment and manpower/firepower.For the Indonesians,the chain of command is quite useless.With the fog uncontrolled and large chances of terrorist attack (Bali bombing and Papua conflict) it’s a waste of time praising their leader.Other than that they have quite some few outdated equipment (old tanks and guns).And Indonesia have a vast ammount of manpower..but are they trained properly? As we can see during the Konfrotrasi,Indonesians were defeated by Iban headhunters (which was equipped by natives weaponry like spear).However the most important aspect for every military is alliance.As for Malaysia and Singapore,they have quite a close relationship with US and Russia (as for Malaysia).Also they are one of the Five Power Defence Alliance nations.Not only that Singapore have close relationship with alot of countries in Asia which would help them in any sort of conflict (Japan,SK and many more).So are they strong? Yes for a short time but Indonesia would be destroyed into ashes in a long term. #My facts came from alot of sources and I didn’t meant to offence anyone,it’s the the truth#


    Oktober 31, 2015 at 2:58 am

    • but you must detailed for indonesian army total ammount and specification, use your brain to calculate for indonesia military talent, indonesia already have made their own army gun (PINDAD), military amphibi (PINDAD), tanks (PT DI), helicopter (PT DI built as prototype), air plane (PT DI joint with south korea), missile (PINDAD), vessel war ship (PT PAL), fregate war ship and other, you must learn about indonesian army so much, not like as malaysia and singapore, they always need help from another country to develope their military, please check for military gun event at australia last year, indonesia military team be a champion, they have won the medal and collect alot of gold medal with their own bulit AK and sniper gun (Made in PINDAD indonesia), already made in indonesia.. you must learn alot for indonesian military bro, thats why indonesia nominated as top 15 for the strongest military country, you must take this reality . . You must learn, thinking and calculate for it before you judge something.. use fair referrences not from your country referrence coz your country is always under estimate indonesia


      Mei 14, 2017 at 6:00 am

  14. Indonesia is a looser country, your propaganda is absolutely rubbish..

    Christina Milica

    Januari 19, 2016 at 2:35 pm

    • please thinking with your brain before you speak, dont using your leg foot or your ass to thingking before you speak


      Mei 14, 2017 at 6:03 am

  15. Indonesia is a looser country. Your propaganda absolutely rubbish.

    Christina Milica

    Januari 19, 2016 at 2:40 pm

    • this is true, youcan check it from Military analysis agency international military website, Global Firepower, check it out dude . . !!!

      gresik troops army

      Juli 13, 2016 at 1:10 pm

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