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JAS 39 Gripen All in 1 for Indonesian

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JAS 39 Gripen

JAS 39 Gripen
Jakarta – 07/05/2014 . Generation fighter jet ’80s F – 5E Tiger II in the Air Force Air Squadron 14 will soon be replaced because it is old .
One interested party is supplying a replacement aircraft SAAB JAS 39 Gripen series . ” We offer a replacement , JAS39 Gripen series with the broadest possible options , ” said Vice President Head of Indonesian SAAB , Peter Calrqvist .
” Starting from the payment scheme and procurement , technology transfer , provide assistance to independence logistics systems , maintenance , and oprasionalisasi Gripen , and so forth . This is our commitment to Indonesia . We offer an integrated system , ” said Carlqvist , in a conversation in Jakarta , recently.
JAS 39 Gripen series will compete with Sukhoi Su – 35 Flanker E ( Russia ) , Dassault Rafale F1 ( France ) , and the Boeing – McDonnell Douglas F / A 18E / F Super Hornet ( USA ) . Air Force has experienced fighters operate the United States ( of which the F – 16A / B Fighting Falcon , the OV – 10F Bronco and F – 5E / F Tiger II ) and Russia ( starting from the Tupolev Tu – 16 Badger and now Sukhoi Su – 27/30MKI ) .
In Southeast Asia , Thailand is the country ‘s first Gripen operators JAS39 . They chose 12 units JAS39E / F Gripen who began to arrive next year .
For Indonesia , SAAB also open up the option if Indonesia is interested in buying the latest lineup of the most reliable , JAS39 Gripen NG , which has the most advanced technology of all Gripen series .
Carlqvist stated , ” We are not just selling aircraft , integrated air defense system but powerful with a very low operating cost but effective . As an illustration , the Gripen is very easy to operate , does not require an air base for supporting the system can be driven to move , even from the motorway . This is what we apply in Sweden , ” he said .

JAS 39 Gripen

JAS 39 Gripen
All units and personnel supporting the Gripen in air squadron full strength , he said , could be shifted to anywhere as needed .
” The air base is definitely the most coveted early in the war . What if the airstrip were sabotaged or bombed ? This is one of the important things that we anticipate in the development of the JAS 39 Gripen series , ” he said .
He argued Gripen was developed with a range of advanced technologies that fit the purpose .
Among these are footing ” air base ” is mobile and the ability of each unit Gripen to communicate and exchange data with each other , both between the aircraft , air bases , command control , logistics centers , and so forth .
He pointed out , ” If all of a sudden there was a target to be destroyed , but that you flew the Gripen does not have kesenjatan system that fits with the purposes , the control center can know the Gripen nearby who could carry out the mission . ”
Gripen mileage can also be compensated by the presence of ” air bases ” that mobile .
He pointed Jagorawi highway that could be used for this purpose .
Indonesia is very rich with the air base infrastructure that can be applied to the operation of the Gripen .
” Enacting and reassemble the engine Gripen only needs 1 hour. Completing all missile systems and kesenjataannya to complete just 10 minutes, including refilling the fuel , ” he said .
About JAS 39 Gripen offers this series , the Swedish Ambassador to Indonesia , Ewa Polano , said , ” We are obviously very pleased to see the Brazilian chose the Gripen , followed by Thailand and Malaysia reportedly interested as well . Even Brazil we also help build spare parts factory in Sao Paulo as part of our commitment on this weaponry technology transfer . ”
Polano , who will soon be his new post in Doha , Qatar , pointed out that Indonesia will receive equal treatment of all those things .
” Switzerland is also currently hold a referendum on the Gripen procurement , and one important aspect that we have to offer is this, ” he said .




















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