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PT DI (indonesian Airways Industry) Will Raft Helicopter Anti-Submarine To Indonesian Navy

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PT Indonesian Aerospace will support the desire of the Indonesian Army Navy adds to the strength of anti-submarine helicopters. Aircraft manufacturer and the local helicopter also agree with the Indonesian Navy on the Eurocopter AS565 Panther helicopter.

PT DI Akan Rakit Helikopter Anti Kapal Selam Untuk TNI AL

Helicopter S70B2 Seahawk (Tiger 75) trying to land on HMAS Toowoomba foundation for taking the time to engage in the logistics mission in the Indian Ocean MH370 (6/4). Search teams from 7 countries took part in this mission. REUTERS / Australian Defence Force


Even PT DI participate recommend the names to the Ministry of Defence helicopter . ” The helicopter is most suitable for the Navy , ” said Director of Aviation Technology PT DI Andi Alisjahbana through short message to Tempo , Wednesday, April 30, 2014 .

The reason , it is very suitable Panther helicopters operated above deck warship . In fact , this helicopter has been used by the U.S. Coast Guard or the U.S. Coast Guard .

Another reason , PT DI has established cooperation with the manufacturer Eurocopter since 1974 . Currently , PT DI holds the production license Eurocopter helicopter assembly Superpuma , Fennec , and BO 105 .

In addition , PT DI just got a manufacturing license Dauphin helicopter which has recently been submitted to the National SAR Agency . ” Panther helicopter was just the name of the Dauphin military , ” he said . As a result , PT DI is able to make a Panther helicopter that is not much different from the Dauphin .

For the military version of the Panther , Andi continued , PT DI Indonesia ready to install a special tool to hunt enemy submarines called dipping sonar . The tool is a submarine search radar used in the water . This sonar sound captures the movement of the engine and propeller submarine in the water .

” Called dipping because the tool is installed in the helicopter while hovering ( drift ) , the tool was lowered into the water to be able to detect the sound of a submarine , ” he said .

Unfortunately , Andy did not want to talk about the nominal price of the anti – submarine helicopters Panther . But Tempo source in the Ministry of Defence said the Panther helicopter unit was U.S. $ 21.27 million . ” Plan for the purchase of between 11-16 units , ” said a source who declined to be named












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