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R-73: Behind Sophistication Missile Hunters Hot Air Force Sukhoi – indonesian air forces

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Before the year 2012 , arguably the line sista air to air missiles ( AAM / water -to-air missile ) capability the Air Force is quite inferior when compared AU AU Malaysia and Singapore . Because nearly three decades , the Air Force ‘s fleet of fighter jets rely on artificial Raytheon Sidewinder missiles . The Sidewinder version is owned by the Air Force AIM and AIM – P2 – P4 .
The most recent was , AIM P – 4 package purchased together with procurement of F- 16 Fighting Falcon in 1989. AIM – P4 can be fired even if the enemy plane came from forward facing position , make a change in the style of melee duel ( dog fight ) .
At the same time , the neighbor country already operates a medium-range AAM , AIM – 7 Sparrow and AIM – 120 AMRAAM , the latter is jenisbeyond visual range air -to-air missile , AMRAAM suddenly a frightening specter in modern air warfare , missiles can be shot up to 70 km with a speed of Mach 4 . For this one , although only come a bit late , be thankful for the Air Force now has unmatchable , the R – 77 missile for its fleet of Sukhoi , the Russian made ​​missiles capable of racing at speeds of up to Mach 4 a distance of 80 km .
Well , back to the line of air-to- air missiles short range , the current mainstay jet Air Force F – 16 Fighting Falcon and Hawk 200 only had one mainstay Sidewinder AIM – P4 , then Singapore and Malaysia in addition to already bring the AIM – 7 Sparrow and AIM – 120 AMRAAM , the two neighboring countries Indonesia had already had a newer version of the Sidewinder . Like Singapore , because this country is a close U.S. ally in Southeast Asia , Singapore in addition to a AIM-9J/P/S Sidewinder , also already have AIM – 9X Sidewinder to strengthen cyst in jet F – 15SG Strike Eagle . So also with Malaysia which helped buy the AIM – 9X to the F/A-18 Hornet

Sensor berpemandu infra red pada moncong rudal.
Infra red sensor on the snout guided missiles.


AIM9X is the last version of the Sidewinder family, this missile was developed in 1986. These missiles have the capability first shot and first kill more responsive. Even the missile is equipped with thrust vectoring connected to the guidance fins, meaning that the missile can reach targets that turn though. AIM9X turning radius is 120 meters, with this capability, pesaswat launcher does not need to maneuver to adjust to the target



Salah satu Sukhoi Su-30 TNI AU. Tampak tepat dibawah hidung pesawat, rudal R-73 yang sedang di display.

One of the Sukhoi Su27 Air Force. Looks right under the nose of the plane, one unit of R73 missiles were in the display.

And like many reviews, the Air Force is now markedly featuring a combination of missiles purchased from Russia. Consists of air-to-air missiles and air-to-surface missiles. Surface to air missiles lines (ASM), the KhKh29TE 31Pdan. Both have been peeled in our previous article. While in-line air-to-air missiles, the Air Force brought the R77 and R73.
Special peeling R73 (AA11 Archer in NATO code), can be called this missile has a full comparison with the Sidewinder. When Sidewinder AAM became a symbol of the supremacy of the U.S. and NATO close range, the R73 was a mainstay since the era of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact. And, similar to the Sidewinder, R73 was made ​​up of a variety of variants, because this missile is actually not a product that very recently.
The rear of the R – 73 missile .
As a relic of the Cold War , the R – 73 was first developed in 1973 by Vympel NPO . And after passing a series of tests , the R – 73 began to be used by the Soviet Air Force in 1982 . Similar to the Sidewinder , R – 73 heat generated also eyeing the target , ie, the guiding infrared sensors ( infra- red guided ) all aspect . This means that R – 73 can beat the target of a variety of angles and positions . This missile is prepared to serve even the toughest dog fight , ie up to 12G level , not only that, the R – 73 can theoretically be operated from all weather conditions , and this has been another great anti- jamming missiles .
Similar to the AIM – 9X Sidewinder , R – 73 can be integrated with the pilot’s helmet , allowing the pilot to aim the target by just looking at it . R – 73 is powered by a solid-fuel rocket engine ( solid fuel rocket engines) . To maneuver , the R – 73 has four control fins located at the front and at the rear stabilizer wing . No less with the latest Sidewinder , R – 73 also has a thrust – vectoring which allows it to perform the most extreme maneuvers .
R-73 menjadi senjata standar pada Sukhoi Su-27/30. Rudal ini biasa ditempatkan pada kedua ujung sayap. Mirip pada pola Sidewinder.
R73 became a standard weapon in the Sukhoi Su-27/30. The missile is usually placed at both ends of the wings. Similar to the pattern Sidewinder.
Nampak R-73 pada ujung sayap Sukhoi Su-30 MKM AU Malaysia
R73 looks at the wingtips Sukhoi Su30 MKM AU indonesia
Nampak R-73 dapat dipasang pada heli serbu multiguna Mi-24 Hind. Secara teori heli Mi-35P Penerbad TNI AD pun bisa dipasangi rudal ini.
looks R73 can be mounted on a multipurpose assault helicopter Mi24 Hind. In theory helicopters Mi35P Penerbad Army missile can be fitted with this.
Su-35 nampak gagah dengan bekal rudal R-73.
Su – 35 seems fine with the stock R – 73 missiles .
R – 73 is currently manufactured by the Tbilisi Aircraft Manufacturing can chase the target until the speed of 2.5 Mach . Of the total weight is 105 kg , 7.4 kg warhead inside the form . What about range? For this one R – 73 had differences between variants . For type R – 73E ( 20 km ) , the R – 73M1 ( 30 km ) , and R – 73M2 ( 40 km ) . Which of the three are owned by Indonesia ? The answer is still waiting for confirmation of the Air Force . Of our expectations , which is owned by the Air Force version R-73M1/M2 , because missile developed since 1994 have enhanced the ability IRCCM ( Infra red counter – counter measure ) , in addition to the system is fully digital .
What is the R – 73 owned by the Air Force ? According to the SIPRI ( Stockholm International Peace Research Institute ) , an independent international institute dedicated to the study of conflict , armaments , arms control and disarmament , based in Sweden . Mentioned , in the year 2011 procurement transactions recorded 75 units of R – 73 by Indonesia . But do not consider Indonesia to be the most superior R – 73 , because again the Malaysian Air Force ( TUDM ) first arrival of R – 73 to complete sista Sukhoi Su – 30 MKM her . Besides Malaysia , Vietnam also adopted this missile .
Rudal K-13 pada MiG-21 Fishbed AURI di museum Dirgantara -  Yogyakarta.
K13 missile at the Indonesian Air Force MiG21 Fishbed in aerospace museum Yogyakarta.
K13, the so-called NATO code AA2 Atoll, none other dalah range missiles close to the maximum range of 8 km. The most interesting, the design and concept is indeed adapt Sidewinder missiles, missile legendary U.S. owned. According to widely circulated story, on 28 September 1958, an AIM9B fired from an F86 Sabre targets Taiwan with a MiG17 but not the People’s Republic of China. Missiles are just stuck in the tail of the MiG aircraft and taken back to base and be an example of the development of Soviet missiles. More details about the C13 Air Force, you can click it in this article.
Specification of R73

Manufacturing: Vympel and Tblisi Aircraft Manufacturing

Weight: 10 kg
Warhead weight: 7.4 kg
Length: 2.9 meters
Diameter: 17 inches
Wingspan: 51 inches
Speed​​: 2.5 Mach
Max range: 40 km
Power: Solid fuel rocket engine
















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KCR-40 Starting Fitted AK-630 and C-705 missiles – Quick Ship with Missile made in indonesia

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 KRI Kujang 642 and KRI 641 has been fitted with sickle cannon AK630
DS(IDB): Two Quick Ship Missile Type KCR40 appeared in photographs in a military forum Kaskus. This time the two KCR40, respectively 641 and KRI KRI Kujang sickles 642 is equipped with rotary cannon / gatling cannon AK630 as the main shift vector Denel 20 mm cannon mounted on the bow while.

AK630 is a close-in weapon system weapon system (CIWS) Russian-made fully automatic. This system consists of six barrel 30mm rotary cannon that is mounted in an enclosed automatic turret, the gun was directed by radar and tracking systems as well as equipped with a television for a particular variant detection. Code number 630″ means 6 barrels caliber 30 mm.

AK630 is used for defense against antiship missiles and other guided precision weapons, but can also be used on fixed-wing aircraft or rotary wing, big boats and other small craft, coastal targets, and floating mines.

Vessel with a fixed propeller propulsion system 5 This leaves the full armament consisted of 1 unit of cannon AK630 6 barrel caliber 30 mm in the bow, 2 units of Denel Vector cannon caliber 20 mm in the bridge and 2 units of SSM missile C705 at the stern.

It appears also that the two C705 missile launchers on the stern has been installed, by shifting the vector Denel 20 mm cannon in the direction of the bridge, the entire installation was completed KCR40 weapon system. The weapon system will be integrated with the Combat Management System SEWACO.

Quick Ship KCR40 missile has a length of 44 meters, 8 meters wide, 3.4 meters high and weighs 238 tons. With a fixed propeller propulsion system 5 leaves, then KCR 40 capable of sailing at speeds of 30 knots.

KCR 40 made ​​of special steel High Tensile Steel hull (hull) and Aluminum Alloy for uppers. Steel High Tensile Steel is a product of PT. Krakatau Steel. The two alloy material makes this boat has high stability and speed when sailing.

Until now it has made ​​4 KCR40 for Satkat (Quick Ship Navy unit), respectively sickle641 KRI, KRI Kujang642, KRI dirk642, and KRI Alamang644.
In compliance with the Minimum Essential Force, the Navy plans to have 38 Quick Ship which consists of 26 missiles and 12 Quick Ship Quick Ship Torpedo.
Before the development of KCR and KCR4060, the Navy has had 14 Quick Ship Missile (4 FPB57 Snapper class, 6 FPB57 Pandrong Tacoma Saber class and class 4) and 2 Fast Torpedo Boats (FPB57 Lion class) .
With the development of KCR and KCR4060 the Navy requires 22 fast ship missiles / torpedoes more satisfied of both types. Thus, the overall fast ship missile / torpedo Navy platforms will consist of 4 ships: KCR40, TacomaSaber class, FPB57 and KCR60.



















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JAS 39 Gripen All in 1 for Indonesian

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JAS 39 Gripen

JAS 39 Gripen
Jakarta – 07/05/2014 . Generation fighter jet ’80s F – 5E Tiger II in the Air Force Air Squadron 14 will soon be replaced because it is old .
One interested party is supplying a replacement aircraft SAAB JAS 39 Gripen series . ” We offer a replacement , JAS39 Gripen series with the broadest possible options , ” said Vice President Head of Indonesian SAAB , Peter Calrqvist .
” Starting from the payment scheme and procurement , technology transfer , provide assistance to independence logistics systems , maintenance , and oprasionalisasi Gripen , and so forth . This is our commitment to Indonesia . We offer an integrated system , ” said Carlqvist , in a conversation in Jakarta , recently.
JAS 39 Gripen series will compete with Sukhoi Su – 35 Flanker E ( Russia ) , Dassault Rafale F1 ( France ) , and the Boeing – McDonnell Douglas F / A 18E / F Super Hornet ( USA ) . Air Force has experienced fighters operate the United States ( of which the F – 16A / B Fighting Falcon , the OV – 10F Bronco and F – 5E / F Tiger II ) and Russia ( starting from the Tupolev Tu – 16 Badger and now Sukhoi Su – 27/30MKI ) .
In Southeast Asia , Thailand is the country ‘s first Gripen operators JAS39 . They chose 12 units JAS39E / F Gripen who began to arrive next year .
For Indonesia , SAAB also open up the option if Indonesia is interested in buying the latest lineup of the most reliable , JAS39 Gripen NG , which has the most advanced technology of all Gripen series .
Carlqvist stated , ” We are not just selling aircraft , integrated air defense system but powerful with a very low operating cost but effective . As an illustration , the Gripen is very easy to operate , does not require an air base for supporting the system can be driven to move , even from the motorway . This is what we apply in Sweden , ” he said .

JAS 39 Gripen

JAS 39 Gripen
All units and personnel supporting the Gripen in air squadron full strength , he said , could be shifted to anywhere as needed .
” The air base is definitely the most coveted early in the war . What if the airstrip were sabotaged or bombed ? This is one of the important things that we anticipate in the development of the JAS 39 Gripen series , ” he said .
He argued Gripen was developed with a range of advanced technologies that fit the purpose .
Among these are footing ” air base ” is mobile and the ability of each unit Gripen to communicate and exchange data with each other , both between the aircraft , air bases , command control , logistics centers , and so forth .
He pointed out , ” If all of a sudden there was a target to be destroyed , but that you flew the Gripen does not have kesenjatan system that fits with the purposes , the control center can know the Gripen nearby who could carry out the mission . ”
Gripen mileage can also be compensated by the presence of ” air bases ” that mobile .
He pointed Jagorawi highway that could be used for this purpose .
Indonesia is very rich with the air base infrastructure that can be applied to the operation of the Gripen .
” Enacting and reassemble the engine Gripen only needs 1 hour. Completing all missile systems and kesenjataannya to complete just 10 minutes, including refilling the fuel , ” he said .
About JAS 39 Gripen offers this series , the Swedish Ambassador to Indonesia , Ewa Polano , said , ” We are obviously very pleased to see the Brazilian chose the Gripen , followed by Thailand and Malaysia reportedly interested as well . Even Brazil we also help build spare parts factory in Sao Paulo as part of our commitment on this weaponry technology transfer . ”
Polano , who will soon be his new post in Doha , Qatar , pointed out that Indonesia will receive equal treatment of all those things .
” Switzerland is also currently hold a referendum on the Gripen procurement , and one important aspect that we have to offer is this, ” he said .




















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Landing Platform Dock – KRI Banjarmasin made ​​in Indonesia

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KRI Banjarmasin promote themselves in the Philippines
Warships of the Republic of Indonesia Banjarmasin promotes excellence in the presence of officials of the Philippine Navy, on Saturday.

Photo documentation – KRI Banjarmasin – 592 during the initial flooding ( platform ) to issue amphibious tanks

Promotion ship made ​​by PT PAL was carried out a series of goodwill Kartika Jala Krida Level II Navy Midshipman AAL LXI to Manila , after a stop in the city of Qingdao ( China ) , Busan ( South Korea ) and Japan , according to a report from Reuters received KRI Banjarmasin .

Promotion Indonesian warship in Manila numbered 592 hull was done by shipping with (joy of sailing ) crew and crew KRI Banjarmasin with a Philippine Navy personnel led by Commander Training and Education Center Philippine Navy Rear Admiral Jose Renan C Suarez AFP .

Cruise along using the KRI Banjarmasin was also followed President Director of PT PAL Firman Arifin , Planning Assistant Chief of Naval Staff ( Asrena Kasal ) Rear Admiral TNI Ade Supandi and expert staff coordinator Kasal ( Koorsahli Kasal ) Rear Admiral TNI Sudirman .

During the cruise with ongoing , demonstrated exercises helicopters taking off and landing from the deck heli Bolcow KRI Banjarmasin – 592 , docking and undocking role , with issued LCU ( Landing Craft Utility ) from the ship’s manifold Landing Platform Dock ( LPD ) was .

Formerly Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Marsetio in Qingdao , China says the Philippines has ordered two sister ships of PT PAL .

” Sailing along KRI Banjarmasin with Philippine Navy personnel while promoting LPD ships will be purchased by the Philippines and has signed the contract , ” he said .

KRI Banjarmasin – 592 commander Marine Lt. Col. ( P ) Jales Jamca Jayamahe express shipping together to promote the types of warships at once more LPD PT PAL Navy to establish good relations between the two countries .

In response to the joint action during the cruise , the Commander of Training and Education Center Philippine Navy Rear Admiral Jose Renan C Suarez AFP said , ” the technology is good enough , and personnel are also nimble . ”

Meanwhile, President Director of PT PAL Firman said Arifin replied Between the Philippines has ordered two types of LPD warships with a contract value of 90 million U.S. dollars .

” The first ship is scheduled for completion in mid- 2016 and the second vessel was completed eight months later . Ordered New Philippine warships of this type with a large value of the contract , ” he said .












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Brunei “Falling Hearts” with Assault Rifle Made PINDAD from indonesia

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President Director of PT PINDAD Tri Hardjono, say, military Brunei keen to use the weapons produced by PT. PINDAD. The weapons are preferred by Brunei Darussalam assault rifle 2 (SS2).

In addition, Brunei is also of interest in tactical vehicles (Rantis) panzer types Anoa. The hope SS2, because it was the first army wants to get SS2. Bidding We are currently in Brunei,” said Tri-making factory Weapon PT. PINDAD, Kiara Lean, Bandung, West Java, on Tuesday (06/05/2014).

But Tri claimed not to know the number of weapons that will be ordered by Brunei. There is no picture., But at least with the marketing of our expectations out of the country we are going to learn a lot,” he said.

Besides Brunei , said Tri , some countries in Southeast Asia and other Asian countries on the continent also ordered Pindad weapons and defense equipment . ” In Malaysia , although not a contract deal , we ‘ve entered a number of their choice after beating five candidates , ” he said .

” There are some countries that have cooperation with us as weapons , ammunition for peace . Principle of our cooperation dengann Southeast Asia and Asia , ” he continued .

Reported previously, the Crown Prince of Brunei Darussalam , His Majesty Paduka Duli Yang Shockingly Series Pengiran Muda Mahkota Pengiran Muda Haji General Muhtadee Billah Ibni Al – Move Down Duli Yang Maha Mulia Paduka Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah Majesty Mu’izzadin Waddaulah , visit armaments factory PT . PINDAD .

On the occasion, Mu’izzadin taking the time to look around some artificial defense equipment PT.Pindad well as APCs , tanks , and machine guns .

Once presented with a demonstration of some defense equipment Pindad . Mu’izzadin also trying to drive itself one kind Anoa APCs .






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Combat Helicopter Made in Indonesia Named GANDIWA.

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It is a combat helicopter GANDIWA Taken from the arc that contains the name of the weapon dart with an infinite number belongs to Arjuna obtained from the god Varuna, designed Assault Helicopter PT. DI has the ability to catch the target on the ground, such as enemy infantry and armored vehicles.

Because the helicopter is equipped with heavy weaponry, sometimes referred to as a helicopter gunship. Because helicopters can also be used to attack, then commonly referred to as attack helicopters (attackt helicopter).

Weapons used on attack helicopters can include autocannons, machineguns, rockets, and missiles like Hellfire. Moreover this helicopter is also capable of carrying air-to-air missiles, though mostly for purposes of self defense. In general, Air Combat Helicopter has two main tasks:

To provide direct air support for ground troops and precise.
As an antitank, where the task is to destroy enemy armored vehicles miilik.

Design Development GANDIWA combat helicopter is a helicopter configuration with 2 crew ( 1 pilot and 1 co-pilot/gunner ) with tandem position . The helicopter has two engines and one with a four-blade composite bearingless main rotor (main rotor ) and one tail rotor ( tail rotor ) . The helicopter is also equipped with a wing pylon to support the weapons he was carrying .

general characteristics

Crew : 2 ( pilot , and co-pilot/gunner )
Length: 56 ft 1 in ( 17.1 m )
Rotor diameter : 46 ft 0 in ( 14.0 m )
Disc area : 1,662 ft ² ( 154.4 m² )
Empty weight : 6.789 lb ( 3,079 kg )
Max takeoff weight : 11,900 lb ( 5.397 kg )
Powerplant : 2 × Pratt & Whitney Canada . PT6T 3BE Twin – Pac turboshafts , 900 shp ( 671 kW ) each
Fuselage length : 43 ft ( 13.1 m )


Maximum speed : 140 knots ( 259 km / h )
Cruise speed : 122 knots ( 226 km / h )
Range : 402 nmi ( 745 km )
Service ceiling : 20,000 ft ( 6,096 m )
Rate of climb : 1,350 ft / min ( 6.86 m / s )
Power / mass : 0.2263 hp / lb ( 437 W / kg )


Guns : 1 × 30 × 113 mm ( 1:18 × 4:45 in ) M230 Chain Gun with 1,200 rounds
Hardpoints : Four pylon stations on the stub wings .
Rockets : Hydra 70 70 mm , and 70 mm CRV7 air-to – ground rockets
Missiles : Typically AGM – 114 Hellfire variants ; AIM – 92 Stinger may also be Carried .
























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Russia’s Anti-Air Missile System S-500 for Indonesia

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Five battery – ground defense missile system S – 500 air modernization program will equip the Russian army in 2020 . It is delivered Aerospace Defense Troops commander of Russia , Alexander Golovko , 28 November 2013 .
S – 500 is a new generation air defense missile system designed to intercept Russian intercontinental ballistic missile ( ICBM ) , the Defense Airborne Early Warning and Control ( AEW & C ) aircraft and Jamming .
The first S – 500 batteries will begin to operate Aerospace Defense Troops Russian Army in 2017 . New air defense system remotely , is expected to become the backbone of a unified aerospace defense system being built Russia .
Range S – 500 can be increased up to 600 km and is capable of locking the 10 targets at once . By using a new missile system S – 500 is capable of destroying all types of air threats at a maximum speed of 7 km / sec altitude of 200 km .
Russian military requires S – 500 should be able to intercept intercontinental missiles ( ICBMs ) and hypersonic cruise missiles . Some elements of the S – 500 has begun to enter the production phase and designer S – 500 Almaz – Antey has conducted the first test .
Air defense system S – 500 will be operated in parallel with th
Sistem Pertahanan Rudal  SH-08 Gazelle Anti-ballistic missile
Missile Defense System SH08 Gazelle Antiballistic missile
 SH-08 Gazelle Anti-ballistic missile, berbasis Silo

SH08 Gazelle Antiballistic missile, based Silo
SH08 Gazelle Antiballistic missile, based Silo
Russia is designing a broader defense system, for domestic, as well as in a number of countries of the former Soviet Union who tied the Collective Security Treaty.
System of nuclear and non-nuclear defense is being built and started from Moscow. Russia also now begin installing the S300 in the Belarusian state. U.S. officials say Russia’s new defense, effective against cruise missiles, bombers, fighter aircraft, medium-range ballistic missiles and short, as well as intercontinental ballistic missiles.









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