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Landing Platform Dock – KRI Banjarmasin made ​​in Indonesia

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KRI Banjarmasin promote themselves in the Philippines
Warships of the Republic of Indonesia Banjarmasin promotes excellence in the presence of officials of the Philippine Navy, on Saturday.

Photo documentation – KRI Banjarmasin – 592 during the initial flooding ( platform ) to issue amphibious tanks

Promotion ship made ​​by PT PAL was carried out a series of goodwill Kartika Jala Krida Level II Navy Midshipman AAL LXI to Manila , after a stop in the city of Qingdao ( China ) , Busan ( South Korea ) and Japan , according to a report from Reuters received KRI Banjarmasin .

Promotion Indonesian warship in Manila numbered 592 hull was done by shipping with (joy of sailing ) crew and crew KRI Banjarmasin with a Philippine Navy personnel led by Commander Training and Education Center Philippine Navy Rear Admiral Jose Renan C Suarez AFP .

Cruise along using the KRI Banjarmasin was also followed President Director of PT PAL Firman Arifin , Planning Assistant Chief of Naval Staff ( Asrena Kasal ) Rear Admiral TNI Ade Supandi and expert staff coordinator Kasal ( Koorsahli Kasal ) Rear Admiral TNI Sudirman .

During the cruise with ongoing , demonstrated exercises helicopters taking off and landing from the deck heli Bolcow KRI Banjarmasin – 592 , docking and undocking role , with issued LCU ( Landing Craft Utility ) from the ship’s manifold Landing Platform Dock ( LPD ) was .

Formerly Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Marsetio in Qingdao , China says the Philippines has ordered two sister ships of PT PAL .

” Sailing along KRI Banjarmasin with Philippine Navy personnel while promoting LPD ships will be purchased by the Philippines and has signed the contract , ” he said .

KRI Banjarmasin – 592 commander Marine Lt. Col. ( P ) Jales Jamca Jayamahe express shipping together to promote the types of warships at once more LPD PT PAL Navy to establish good relations between the two countries .

In response to the joint action during the cruise , the Commander of Training and Education Center Philippine Navy Rear Admiral Jose Renan C Suarez AFP said , ” the technology is good enough , and personnel are also nimble . ”

Meanwhile, President Director of PT PAL Firman said Arifin replied Between the Philippines has ordered two types of LPD warships with a contract value of 90 million U.S. dollars .

” The first ship is scheduled for completion in mid- 2016 and the second vessel was completed eight months later . Ordered New Philippine warships of this type with a large value of the contract , ” he said .













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