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danone nations cup – piala danone 2008

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France defeated Russia, 2-0, in the final of the 9th Danone Cup at the Parc des Princes on Sunday.

DNC 2007

KESEBELASAN Indonesia diwakili Tim Karang Gayam dalam final dunia Danone Nations Cup 2007 di Lyon, Perancis pada 29 Juni – 1 Juli 2007. Pada putaran final ini, kesebelasan Indonesia bertanding melawan 39 negara.

Hasilnya, Indonesia berada di posisi 29 besar dan yang menjadi juara DNC pada tahun itu adalah Afrika Selatan

Zinédine Zidane, the patron of this incredible human adventure that is the Danone Cup, was there for the kick-off, at 17:00, of the world final between Russia and France. The end of the regulation 20 minute match, Les Bleus had a 2-0 lead. In front of more than 27,000 spectators, the two teams turned on a brilliant show for those in attendance with their motivation, their skills, but also their sportsmanship, which has always been one of the features of the Danone Nations Cup over the last nine years.

In the end it was the French which saw their dreams come true by taking out this 9th Danone Nations Cup in front of another world champion in Zinédine Zidane.

Having won the inaugural event back in 2000, Les Tricolores shone again on the pitch of the Parc des Princes. The French side didn’t concede a single goal from the last-16 onwards, but were able to combine their water-tight defence with a scintillating attack, which scored five goals in the semi-final win over the Czech Republic and another two in the final win over Russia. The opening goal in the final came with a throw-in from No.11, volleyed home by No.12. And it was the No.11 that then sealed the win late on with France’s second goal.

Year after the year, the Danone Nations Cup keeps growing.

40 teams took part in this year’s finals tournament… more than 27,000 fans in the stadium… 260 journalists, representing 32 of the participating nations… the Danone Nations Cup is more than ever, the world benchmark competition for 10-12-year-olds.

This year, six new countries took part in the adventure: The Ile Maurice, Egypt, Guatemala, India, Qatar and the United States of America. For three days, the 800 players did their 40 respective nations proud.

Above and beyond the sporting stakes, the Danone Nations Cup is a veritable human adventure, where the tears of defeat mingle with those of victory. Aside from the competition, the 640 players that spent four days in the French capital visited the Eiffel Tower, Trocadero and toured the Seine on the famous bateaux-mouches – a chance for these kids to live their dream to the maximum.

The Danone Nations Cup offered children from all over the world an unforgettable moment, under the gaze of Zinédine Zidane, ELA ambassador, the charity to which all the profits will be donated.

Final Standings
1 France
2 Russia
3 Germany
4 Czech Republic
5 Brazil
6 Argentina
7 Algeria
8 Belgium
9 South Africa
10 Japan
11 Turkey
12 India
13 Austria
14 Switzerland
15 England
16 Italy
17 Mexico
18 Morocco
19 USA
20 Canada
21 Spain
22 Guatemala
23 Ireland
24 Fiji
25 Uruguay
26 Romania
27 Poland
28 Indonesia
29 Egypt
30 Qatar
31 China
32 Portugal
33 Cameroon
34 Bulgaria
35 Tunisia
36 Ukraine
37 Netherlands
38 Bangladesh
39 Saudi Arabia
40 Mauritius


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