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The Strongest Military in south east asia & compare indonesia vs malaysia 2013

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Map of indonesia
Indonesian soldier
Indonesian SAT-81 Special unit Elite Army


Military analysis agency, Global Firepower, released a list of the countries with the greatest fighting force in the world. Of the 68 countries surveyed, Indonesia is ranked 15.

Quoted from page Globalfirepower, Thursday, June 13, 2013, Indonesia’s military strength is not only designed to fight terrorists in the country. However, unable to resist the attacks of the invasion of other countries.

Indonesia is ranked 15th with a power index of 0.76. Active personnel strength reached 438 410 people, with the value of the power of 400 armored vehicles, military aircraft power value 444, and 187 helicopters strength values.

Index Indonesian naval war strength of 150, the number of military ships 139 units of various types. Indonesia’s military budget in 2012 was U.S. $ 5.2 billion.

When compared with allied countries, Malaysia, Indonesia’s military strength is still superior. Malaysia in Global statistics Firepower is ranked 33. Malaysia has 80 thousand active military personnel and value the power of 69 armored vehicles.

Malaysian naval strength index reached 55, with a number of military ships as many as 40 units. Malaysia’s military budget in 2012 was U.S. $ 4.2 billion.

Malaysia fighting force aided by alliances with some countries such as Australia, New Zealand, UK, and Singapore.

This analysis provides a definition of actual military power map, not focused on the numerical superiority fighter or combatant ship like that become public opinion. That’s why although Singapore had the highest fighter force in ASEAN, the island nation remains unable to surpass Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia. Indicator of the strength of defense equipment is not a determining factor of a state military superiority.
We had been affected by psychological opinion that Jakarta will be destroyed within two hours if attacked by fighter Singapore. In fact what it is, it’s the biggest archipelago in the world, has 240 million inhabitants nationalist character, abundant natural resources, and most importantly in military strategy, our country made up of thousands of point defense. Compare this with the state of the island, just a few points on an island. In defense, the island is more easily conquered. Clear air force is not a major factor in winning the battle for the mother of all wars is the army.
Just a comparison, here presented maps of military force between Indonesia and Malaysia based on analysis of Global Fire Power:


Total Population 245,613,043 – 28,728,607
Military Manpower Available 129,075,188 – 14,817,517
Fit for Military Service 107,538,660 – 12,422,580
Reaching Military Age Yearly 4,455,159 – 519.280
Active Military Personnel 438.410 to 124.000
Active Military Reserves 400.000 to 640.199
Total Aircraft 510-258
Total Land-Based Weapons 1.577 to 2.465
Total Naval Units 136-65
Towed Artillery 59-54
Merchant Marine Strength 1.244 to 321
Major Ports and Terminals 9 5
Aircraft Carriers 0 0
Destroyers 0 0
Frigates 6 4
Submarines 2 2
Coastal Patrol Craft 31 37
Mine Warfare Craft 12 4
Amphibious Operations Craft 8 1
Defense Budget $ 4,740,000,000 $ 3,500,000,000
Foreign Reserves $ 96,210,000,000 $ 106,500,000,000
Purchasing Power $ 1,030,000,000,000 $ 414,400,000,000
Oil Production 1,023,000 bbl bbl 693.700
536 000 bbl Oil Consumption 1,115,000 bbl
Proven Oil Reserves 4,050,000,000 2,900,000,000 bbl bbl
Total Labor Force 116,500,000 12,200,000
Roadway Coverage 437.759 km 98.721 km
Railway Coverage 5.042 km 1.849 miles
Waterway Coverage 21.579 km 7,200 km
Coastline Coverage 54.716 km 4.675 miles
Major Serviceable Airports 684 118
Square Land Area 1,904,569 km 329.847 km

From the above data we can put some notes on current conditions, for example, Indonesia’s foreign exchange reserves are now at $, – (Late July 2011), the amount of current KRI 152 unit range. Ships with the status of KAL, CTF and Water Police are not taken into account by the GFP, but this jenir ships played a role in maritime security patrols or patrol beaches (Coastal Patrol Craft). Then the reserve components (Active Military Reserves) may exceed the amount of GFP calculation if the Security Unit, Civil Service Police Unit, Civil Defence in the calculation.

GFP analysis presented is sufficient objective evidence and renewable, is able to present the latest data provide a comprehensive picture of a country’s military power by force of military resources, weapons systems, naval forces, logistic support and distribution base, natural resources for survival , financial support and geographical conditions. Exciting fighter force combined with other weapons systems whether it be transport aircraft, helicopters, tanks, APCs, artillery is the strength of the army. While naval power into separate factors contributing to real military strength of a country.

Well, it became clear that we are the best in the region in military rank. Therefore we need to eliminate the psychological opinions expressed mengunder estimate the power of the military, as if the military is the most weak, as if the military was unable to overcome the Singapore air strikes, as if the military was unable to escort the territory of Republic of Indonesia. Minimum essential force in conditions that have not achieved our military was able to occupy 15 world ranking. In fact, from 2012 till 2014 it will arrive at least 60 new aircraft types, 15 different types of transport aircraft, 55 combat various types of Heli, 30 Fast Missile Vessel, 3 submarines, 2 Fregat, hundreds of tanks and armored vehicles of various types. Not to mention the project surface to surface missiles, surface-to-air, anti-tank missiles and rockets Rhan thousands of domestic production.

This means that opportunities to increase military rank was very open. But more than that, we should always be confident in the ability of our state guard commander, with the spirit of combat, with the quality of army soldiers who always outperformed neighboring countries. Once again our military is the foremost among the neighbor. And that we should take care and maintain the supply alusista modern and thrilling. And it must be consistent and continuous, -
source: Indonesian military strength

By it because we should not be embarrassed or afraid of other countries, International Survey Evidence institutions also (GFP) recognizes a military strength of our country loh .. remember we have the largest military force in the ASEAN Australia even well below us.

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Agustus 6, 2013 pada 8:50 am

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